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Metroid 2002: Metroid Prime

Welcome to Metroid 2002's Metroid Prime section. Check out Speed Runs or Sequence Breaking in the menu to your left.



Added or updated the following pages: Secret Worlds: Training Chamber, Frigate Crash Site, Security Access B. Thanks, Jerry9! Nate


Baby Sheegoth has provided us with videos and descriptions of most of the tricks required to skip Space Jump. Nate


In addition to his two new speed runs available via SDA, Zoid brings us today two Natural Route runs and his 22% run, completed with the lowest possible percent of items while skipping the boost ball. Check out his Natural Route 29% in 1:53 (the lowest percentage of items the game was designed to be completed with), Natural Route 100% in 2:02 and 22% in 1:34 on the Internet Archive now! Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Speed Tricks: Research Lab Aether, Version Differences: PAL demo, Techniques: Rapid Fire Missiles. Nate


Zoid has once again taken on our favorite game to see how fast he can complete it while still getting the items in the order Retro intended -- there are plenty of speed tricks in this run, but no true sequence breaking, as all the items are retrieved in order! Zoid has lowered his Natural Route completion time by 9 minutes to an amazing 1:30 - check it out at the Internet Archive now! Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Version Differences: Version Number. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Skipping the Boost Ball: Vent Shaft, Version Differences: Version Number, Arboretum Runic Gate, Third Spinner, Hive Totem, Early Energy Tanks: Main Plaza, Other: Rapid Fire Pirate, Metroid Quarantine, Walltroid, Weak Charge. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Other: Floaty Jump, Secret Worlds: ruins entrance (FJ), transport to phendrana drifts south (FJ), transport to chozo ruins north (FJ), transport to tallon overworld east (FJ), monitor station (FJ), transport to phendrana drifts north (FJ), suntower (FJ), Other: Possessed Power Bomb Refill. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Other: Power Beam Bug. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Speed Tricks: Thardus Dash, Secret Worlds: Burning Trail, Chapel of the Elders, Other: Tiny Metroid. Nate


Posted five of the older Sequence Breaking topics ("Ice Beam + Gravity Suit before Thardus using Triple Jump", abbreviated "TBJ") from the GameFAQs days, compliments of Vigama! Nate


The incorrigible Besmir Sheqi has redefined the "No Sequence Breaking Run" genre with his new Any Percent 1:39 run: The-Runner-Formerly-Known-As-Miles-(Now-Known-As-Zoid) put together what he thinks is the fastest the game can be beaten getting the items in their intended order, and it's available to download in DivX format right now! Check it out! Nate


While samus.co.uk is usually thought of as the resource for Secret World information, I thought that it wouldn't hurt to document Metroid Prime's Secret Worlds here, Metroid 2002 style. Huge thanks go to DJ Grenola, who recorded all of the videos and wrote all of the descriptions for the 29 Secret Worlds and 2 Techniques added in this special "hurricane force winds" update. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Other: Power Trooper Dash, Power Trooper Suicide. Those crazy Power Troopers! Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Other: Varialess Magmoor Run. Big congrats go to smilingjack13 for finally making this dream a reality! Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Other: Ice Trooper Super Jump. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Skipping the Boost Ball: Vent Shaft, Vent Shaft Dash, Skipping the Gravity Suit: Skipping the Frigate, Skipping the Spider Ball: Research Access, Speed Tricks: Ice Beam Pickup, Main Quarry, Tower of Light, Version Differences: Research Access, First Scan, Central Dynamo, Suit Voice, Artifact of Warrior, Other: Crash: Furnace. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Version Differences: Geothermal Core. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Version Differences: Missile Ammo, Subchamber Grooves. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Speed Tricks: Space Jump First Combat Dash. Thanks go to pirate109 for writing the description for this one. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Version Differences: Inventory Screen, 60 Hz, Area Voice, Credits, Elite Launcher, Elite Quarters, Elite Sound, Ending, Environmental Damage, Frost Cave, Geothermal Core, Grapple Beam Cut Scene, Main Menu, Main Quarry Door, Map Compass, Missile Ammo, Mission Final, Phazon Suit Cut Scene, Power Bombing Omega Pirate, Power Bombing Troopers, Phazon Processing Center Door, Prime Second Form Life, Prime Second Form Music, Quarantine Access, Queen Death, Ruined Shrine, Save Format, Skip Cut Scenes, Total Missiles, Twin Fires, Warning Noise, Nintendo Logo, Font, Demos, Skipping the Grapple Beam: Geothermal Core, Other: Floaty Thardus, Funny Drone, Scan Bug. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Version Differences: Version Number. Nate

2004.12.12: Metamorphosis

Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: Metroid Prime Second Form, Omega Pirate Power Bomb, Other: Two Pools at Once. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Techniques: L Jump, Dash Jump, Ghetto Jump. Thanks go to kip for the new descriptions of the three techniques. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: Parasite Queen, Speed Tricks: Control Tower, Early Missile Expansions: Furnace, Skipping the Boost Ball: Elite Research, Geothermal Core, Life Grove, Other: Scan Bug. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Skipping the Boost Ball: Vent Shaft, Life Grove Tunnel, Early Missile Expansions: Ice Ruins East. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Other: What's Your Problem!?, Space Pirate Cutscene, Cutscene Death, Infinite Seedlings. Nate


Thanks for all the great vids, kip! Added or updated the following sections: Boss Tricks: Flaahgra, Omega Pirate Plasma, Parasite Queen, Ridley Ground Form, Speed Tricks: Artifact of Elder, Thardus Dash. Nate


Changed the "Speed Runs" link to point directly to the runs at archive.org. This way you can't be behind on Speed Runs just because I'm too lazy to post their info here. Nate


Changed all Speed Run download links to point to our new host at archive.org. Nate


Fixed CALFoolio's old 100% time: it's 2:19, not 2:49. Also added the final segment of that run. Thanks, Radix. Nate


Added a page here at M2K2 for Radix's infamous 1:37 Speed Run and added or updated the following pages: Other: Funny Gun Change, Super Ball, Thermal Visor Glitch. Nate


Added the Best Times page. Nate


Added a video from kip for the Skipping the Boost Ball: Vent Shaft page. Nate


Relaunched zoidi's 1:17 PAL Metroid Prime Speed Run, this time in high-quality DivX! Also added CALFoolio's old 2:49 100% Speed Run! Enjoy! Nate


Added zoidi's 1:17 PAL Metroid Prime Speed Run, the new world record! Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: Flaahgra, Incinerator Drone, Other: Old Early Space Jump, Skip Varia Suit Attempt, Skipping the Spider Ball: Furnace, and Skipping the Gravity Suit: Skip Frigate. Nate


Updated the Best Frigate Escape Times again. Nate


Updated the High Scores to include kip's world record 4:26.00 Frigate Escape. Nate


Added CALFoolio's historical 1:46 Any Percent run (the one featured in the June 2003 issue of EGM). Also updated the site to reflect the fact that the GameFAQs Topic has gone to V7.0. Nate


Updated Trebor's 23% run with labeled segments and updated my Single Segment run with thirteen individually labeled parts. Nate


There's an article about Sequence Breaking over at Gamingredients today! Also: Added or updated the following sections: Skipping the Grapple Beam: Magma Pool, Skipping the Spider Ball: Twin Fires Tunnel, Speed Tricks: Twin Fires Tunnel, Elite Research, Main Quarry, Main Quarry Missile, Other: Elite Research Wall, Magmoor Riding, Missile Locked Door Backwards, Space Pirate Closeup. Nate


Made the second Version Differences update in as many days today. Finalized the version listing on all the pages and added a page for the Twin Fires NA/JPEU difference Andrew Mills pointed out, as well as a page for the Geothermal Core door lock present in the North American Player's Choice version. Nate


Updated the site to reflect our knowledge of the Australian version of the game as well as the new North American Player's Choice version and corrected a bunch of credits. Nate


Just a minor High Scores update today. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Without Spider: Furnace, Speed Tricks: Fast Grapple, Reflecting Pool. Nate


Released my 2:41 100% Single-Segment Natural Route run! Nate


Added Printer Friendly links to every page on the site. Nate


Created a new "Early Items" Quick Links section to help first-time Sequence Breakers get some items out of order and added or updated the following sections: Other: Ridley Scott, Boss Tricks: Ridley Air Form, Ridley Ground Form, Without Grapple/Spider: Geothermal Core, Version Differences: Bendezium, Hive Mecha Scan Point, Total Missiles. Nate


I am proud to present TreborSelbon's uncut 23% 1:38 run (the fastest such run in the world), now with full audio! ;) Enjoy. Nate


Crazy new High Scores today! Nate


New M2K2 Promo up! Enjoy! Nate




Added or updated the following pages: Techniques: Rapid Fire Missiles, Boss Tricks: Invisible Security Drone, Invisible Security Drone Auto Aim, Hive Mecha, Incinerator Drone, Omega Pirate, Sheegoth, Ridley Power Bomb, Thardus, Ridley, Omega Pirate Sleeping, Prime Second Form Twig, Version Differences: Environmental Damage, Omega Pirate Sleeping, Warning Noise, Queen Death, Other: Ghetto Jumping Beetle, Hive Totem Dash Jump, Speed Tricks: Central Dynamo, Artifact of Newborn, Landing Site Ghetto Jump, Space Jump First Dash Jumps, Phendrana Shorelines, Phendrana Cut Scene, Exterior Docking Hangar, Biohazard Containment, Arboretum, Skipping the Gravity Suit: Hydro Access Tunnel, Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma. I also combined some Speed Tricks and the Stupid Boss Tricks into the new Boss Tricks section. Nate


Updated the High Scores List with some new Frigate Escapes. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Version Differences: Sheegoth Breath, Ruined Courtyard Conduit, Security Drone Life, Ice Shriekbats, Skip Cut Scenes, Environmental Damage, Inventory Screen, Speed Tricks: Tower of Light, Chapel Tunnel, Artifact of Newborn, Early Missile: Ruined Shrine, Other: Read Error, Power Beam Bug, Baby Sheegoth Cannibalism, and moved the Metroid Prime (boss) Version Differences to be listed under simply "Prime." Nate


Changed the menu so that it "remembers" what section of the site you're in and expands accordingly. Thanks, Radix! Nate


Added the Version Differences section and added or modified the following pages: Without Super Missiles: Artifact of Wild, Speed Tricks: Chozo Ice Temple, Elite Research, Gathering Hall, Phazon Core, Main Plaza, Ridley Power Bomb, Monitor Station, Great Tree Hall Ghetto Jump, Great Tree Hall L-Lock Spring Space Jump, Ore Processing, Other: Skip Elevator Cut Scene, Reactor Core Infinite Bomb Jump, Prime Dance, Pirate Platform, Metroid Party, Game Boy Link in German, Funny Gun Change, Chozo Ruins Elevator Crash, Blackout Bug, Without Spider Ball: Research Access, Without Grapple Beam and Spider Ball: Plasma Beam, Without Spider Ball: Metroid Quarantine A, Stupid Boss Tricks: Sheegoth. Nate


Added the archived version of Metroid Prime Fastest Times Rankings and Sequence Breaking Discussion, V5.0 to the GameFAQs Topics area and added the link to V6.0 as well. Also fixed a minor problem on the Speed Tricks: Arboretum Runic Gate page and made the dates a little clearer throughout M2K2. Nate


Updated the High Scores again! (Click on Speed Runs, then Overview.) Nate


Updated the High Scores (click on Speed Runs, then Overview). Nate


Added Houston to the Meet the Sequence Breakers page and updated Tzyr's description there as well. Nate


Added a modified version of Speed Demos Archive's JavaScript menu to the site to cut down on the excessive Metroid Prime Sidebar length. Nate


Added or updated the following tricks: early missile expansions: crossway, early missile expansions: root cave, early missile expansions: gravity chamber, early energy tank: main plaza, other: frozen troids, other: crash: furnace, other: gamecube logo, other: magma pool triple bomb jump morph, other: smashed by frigate piston, without spider: twin fires tunnel, speed tricks: arboretum runic gate, speed tricks: central dynamo, speed tricks: chozo ice temple, speed tricks: frigate crash site, speed tricks: frost cave, speed tricks: frozen pike, speed tricks: furnace, speed tricks: gravity chamber, speed tricks: great tree hall, speed tricks: magmoor workstation, speed tricks: ore processing, speed tricks: phazon processing center, speed tricks: phendrana canyon, speed tricks: ruined fountain, speed tricks: thardus, and speed tricks: watery hall. Nate


Updated the Sequence Breaking section with the Meet the Sequence Breakers page, an archive of past GameFAQs Sequence Breaking topics, and updated the Front Page to look and work better. Nate

2003.11.11: M2K2

Launched Metroid 2002, Part 2, and began the process of importing Metroid HQ (the home of Metroid Prime Sequence Breaking)'s content, with several new Sequence Breaking pages (now including kip's instructional text), kip's 1:23 Any Percent run, my 1:50 100% run, and a link to Radix's 1:37 100% run. Nate


Added the orphaned Early Energy Tank: Main Plaza video to the Sidebar (under Early Missile Expansions). Nate


Added a Skip Thermal Visor area with the locations of the power conduits, added the Early Missile Expansion: Crossway page, updated the second half of the Thermal Visor Glitch page to showcase kip's new Ghetto Jump to Super Missile in midair method, added the Early Missile Expansion: Frigate Crash Site page, updated the Skipping the Spider Ball: Furnace page to show players of the Japanese, European and Australian versions of the game how to make it past the Spider Ball track and updated the Triple Bomb Jump page to show the aforementioned page as an example, shortened the Stupid Boss Tricks: Sheegoth movies to only show the important part of the trick, replaced the Skipping the Spider Ball: Ruined Shrine movie with a brighter one, added the Other: Space Pirate Party page, added a spoiler warning to the Front Page, changed it so that clicking on the Metroid 2002 logo in the upper lefthand corner will take you to this page and not to the Front Page, and added a better explanation to the Skipping the Boost Ball: Reflecting Pool page. Nate


Added the "With Story" versions of my 1:03 Metroid Fusion Speed Run and gave DEVILBIT and Banks dual credit for the Fungal Halls without the Grapple Beam. Nate

2003.08.02: Metroid 2002

The site is launched with my 1:03 Metroid Fusion Any Percent Speed Run (no story only) and a bunch of Metroid Prime Sequence Breaking info. Nate