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techniques: roll jump

Used to cross gaps slightly too large for a space jump. Unfortunately, it's a shadow of the one that existed in MP2.

It's done by rolling forward off a valid ledge, one that will give an instant unmorph when you hit C. When you roll off and the morph ball is about half covered, hit C and then B immediately after, just like you would for a bs jump. Use your second jump at the peak for more distance, then follow with screw attack if you have it.

The only real difficulty in doing a roll jump is getting the instant unmorph. It's usually guaranteed if you're close enough to the ledge when you hit C, but the thing is, you also get more distance the faster you roll. With many ledges, if you roll off at the max speed, you won't get the instant unmorph because the ball is too far away. You can get around this by letting go of the stick for a split second when you roll off, then quickly holding forward again just before hitting C, but this slightly reduces distance.

To see this move in action, try the link below.

Corrupted Pool