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early missile expansions: docking hub alpha

(download video)

Starting from the edge just before the gap, follow the video and turn left 90 degrees. The wall that was on your right should now be almost perfectly centered. Morph and tap Z to move the camera over a bit more to the right, like the video.

When ready, hold down-right and do a spring-bsj into the wall. Unmorph a bit after the peak and immediately move the stick to up-left, otherwise you'll hit the wall and won't be able to jump in human form. Delay the second jump to avoid hitting your head on the ceiling.

After getting the missile, use another spring-bsj to get back. This time, you'll want to turn right 90 degrees before morphing and move the camera a bit to the left. Spring jump into the wall holding down-left, then up-right just after the unmorph. As before, use your second jump a bit later than usual.