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techniques: ghetto jump

Pure height technique, done by jumping against certain walls and objects to reach areas that are normally unreachable. Usable objects vary as every room is different, but if it's not a wall or slope, it's uneven ground or something on the ground, like a rock. When in doubt, try to walk over the object; if you walk on it and see her go up, chances are you can ghetto jump from it.

Getting the height boost is about timing. Start by holding Z, and jump just as you walk into the object. If it's something on the ground, jump right as you step on it, but this method doesn't work with walls because you can't step on them. Ghetto jumping from walls requires better timing.

When ghetto jumping from something that can't be walked over, pull away from it quickly after pressing B. Holding Z helps you control her effectively while in the air, but let go if you need to turn. Pulling away is done because of an odd (and pointless) addition to the game engine; while in the air, the second jump is removed if you touch something. It happens very fast, so you want to move away as soon as you have the height boost. You can touch whatever after using the second jump, if you don't see any negative effects.

To see this move in action, try the links below.

Crash Site (standable object)
Hidden Court (wall)