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Metroid 2002: Metroid

Welcome to Metroid 2002's Metroid section.



Added Red Scarlet's "Beating the Game with Two Items" Technical Demonstration! Nate


Added a ton of tricks from the Metroid Master, Red Scarlet. Enjoy. Nate


Changed the "Speed Runs" link to point directly to the runs at archive.org. This way you can't be behind on Speed Runs just because I'm too lazy to post their info here. Nate


Changed all Speed Run download links to point to our new host at archive.org, and posted sdkess's 32:20 Any Percent Speed Run and Red Scarlet's new 29:10 Any Percent Speed Run and 56:40 100 Percent Speed Runs! Nate


Posted Red Scarlet's 00:58:51 100% Speed Run! Nate


Launched the section with two Speed Runs by Red Scarlet, one with the Varia Suit and one without! Nate