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Technical Demonstration: Beating the Game with Two Items

Performed by

Red Scarlet

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Ok hi. This is not a real video and stuff, just something I wanted to try out.

After talking to someone about low% in Metroid 1 (likely with Radix), I looked around to see what the usual low% was, and most people usually said around 6 pickups (Morph Ball, Bombs, Ice/No Ice, and a couple Missiles usually) which I didn't think was all that low.

So on a whim, I decided to see if I didn't need to get many items at all. I figured that if I could get to Hideout 2/Ridley's without Bombs, then I could skip both Bombs as well as Missile Tanks due to Ridley giving me 75. So, I loaded up my emulator to go and see. This video is the result. Thanks Nate for capturing/encoding the emu vids.

The video is not pretty, but that is because 1-I was on the emulator with a crappy controller, and 2-Why make a vid pretty if it can't be finished. So what you see is my first try at just seeing if 2 pickups are all that could be needed if you were really really good at the game. I'm not sure if you can skip the Ice Beam and Bombs and actually make it through Tourian...but who knows.

This was played on the emulator; quite easy to detect when the music randomly goes from one part of a song to another (that was me doing a savestate). This is by no means a 'real run' or anything, just an idea I had when I was bored a couple weeks ago.

If anything, maybe this vid will get someone to try it out on the console sometime. But I know I won't; Kraid is very, very hard for me to beat with just the Morph Ball and Ice Beam, and Ridley can be either a mindless fight or a tricky one; I opted to make that part the tricky one.

Anyway, if someone does decide to go for a 2-item run on the cart, good luck, and have fun.