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#073 - Houston the Predictible
#072 - Wheely Bad Luck
#071 - For Balls Only
#070 - Think dirty
#069 - This Comic Seems Apropriate for the Number
#068 - Announcement and Some Garbage
#067 - An Alpha and an Omega
#066 - Sure Took a While to Explode
#065 - Pennies Cause Deaths
#064 - A Penny Saved
Special - Halloween!
#062 - The Importiant Things in Life
#061 - The Mastermind
#060 - The End of Fonzie...?
#059 - Nothing Out of the Ordinary
#058 - Meatballs Not Included
#057 - I Dream A Dream Tonight
#056 - Houston - TO THE XTREME!
#055 - I Scream, You Scream
#054 - Lurking Horrors
#053 - Those Are Some Pants
#052 - Up, Up, and Eeeeeey!
#051 - Armstrong Who?
#050 - Big Numba 50!
#049 - Shiznizle
#048 - Houston's a Holey Man
#046 - The Smartest Man on Zebes
#045 - This is the Line
#044 - Samus Has a Sense of Humor?
#043 - The Well Equipped Hunter
#042 - A Real Builder's Tools
#041 - Raise the Roof
#040 - One Dumb Request After Another
#039 - Pucker Up!
#038 - He Just Doesn't Get It
#037 - Why The Screw Attack Is So Deadly
#036 - Entering Norfair
#035 - Dearly Departed
#033 - Happy Days Are Here Again
#032 - Up, Up and Away
#031 - Tonight, On a Very Special Maru Mari
#030 - Seriously, Don't Do It
#029 - All's Well That Ends Well... Except For Houston
#028 - Kraid Needs Love
#027 - Kraid's A Wuss
#026 - Kraid Attacks!
#025 - A Flashy Entrance
#024 - Cheaters Go To Hell
#023 - Houston the Brave!
#022 - Holy Crap! Special Effects!
#021 - It Really Does Stink
#020 - Who's Replacing Him?
#019 - Yarr!!
#018 - Yay For Violence!
#017 - Urban Legend... I Think Not!
#016 - It's Like A Really Stupid Horror Movie
#015 - That Must Suck
#014 - They Really Do Jiggle!
#013 - Elevator Problems
#012 - Everyone Loves the Klutz
#011 - It's Funny Cuz It's True
#010 - Hurrah For Hentai
#009 - A Failed Attempt
#008 - Super-Heated Acid Cheerios of Death!
#007 - Isn't She Supposed to be Smart?
#006 - Introducing...Ridley and Kraid!
#005 - Damn Those Vile Hallways!
#004 - Houston Es Muda
#003 - Hi-Tech Medical Equipment
#002 - Attack of the Skree!
#001 - Houston's Dirty Thoughts



This was actually decided a while back, but I'm just telling you now. I'll no longer be working on Maru Mari. No, nothing happened. Yes, Houson and I are still buds. I just won't be doing Maru Mari anymore. It's been fun though. Later. Toozin


Ask Houston got a new one. Toozin


All fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Toozin


Only a 5 day wait this time. We're getting slightly better.
Yes, I know it's an X right now. It's cuz Houston is a dork. We'll fix it tommorow. Toozin


New Maru Mari. Merry Christmas everyone! Toozin


Ask Houston updated with 2 new questions. Toozin


Finally added a FAQ section to clear up some confusions.
Also, our first Ask Houston is up. Go read and enjoy! Toozin


We're making a new feature, for those days when we want to make a new strip but don't actually want to work to do so. It's called "Ask the Incredible Houston!" E-mail us at with "Ask Houston" in the subject line, and ask Houston a question about anything at all. We'll pick one and have him answer it in a strip. So send in lots of questions to ensure updates! Toozin


Well, we haven't been updating very frequently, but that shouldn't come as much of a suprise. However, these past few days my grandfather has become very sick, and his future is a bit uncertian, which hasn't really put me in the mood to make comics. We'll try to get on track as soon as we're able to though. In other news, we'd appreciate your imput on the visual direction of the upcoming Prime strips. Take a peek in the thread and drop us a message as to whether you'd like to see it done like Sess's example, with some reworked sprites from other games, or something else entirely. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Toozin


The maru mari crew is hard at work at the maru mari game, HBA, which is why there has been a lack of updates. Dont get upset though, HBA is going to be an incredable game that captures the humor of Maru Mari. we will try to do a maru mari comic whenever we can, but we are in dire need of help preparing for the metroid prime segment of Maru Mari, and HBA. If you can help, PLEASE let one of us know. - Also, we will give progress reports on HBA every now and the, so keep checking for updates! Houston


Yeah, finaly an update. For those of you who heard about a secret maru mari project, the second panel is a screen shot from it. so you SHOULD know what it is now :P. Anyways, i have finals next week, but im gonna try to make some comics still. Oh, and a specail thanks to Ummeiko for the 16bit houston sprites.. Houston


We'll be back to our regular updating schedule now... of course, you all know what 'regular' means. Toozin


metroid prime turns 1 today. sorry boys, she's still not legal Toozin


Launched Maru Mari here on Metroid 2002! Enjoy the new HTML archives. Nate