Maru Mari Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's a Maru Mari?
A: Maru Mari is the name of what is now known as the Morph Ball in Metroid 1. As told by Nate, "very hard to translate without using another foreign language you're probably not familiar with. basically if you think of the word 'processing,' as in to move from one state to another, and then you thinking of the word 'rounding' in a transitive sense, i.e. 'to be processed into becoming round,' you can get a feel for what it is." So, in short, Maru Mari means "to be morphed into a ball".

Q: Who is Houston?
A: Houston is based on the character Armstrong Houston from the Nintendo Power Super Metroid comic. Also, it is speculated he is the corpse outside of Kraid's lair in Super Metroid. In any case, he's the perfect choice for Samus's idiot companion.

Q: Who is Fonzie?
A: Fonzie, or The Fonz, is based off of the character Arthur Fonzarelli from the TV show Happy Days, played by Henry Winkler.

Q: Why is Fonzie in a comic about Metroid?
A: Adding Fonzie to anything makes it drastically cooler.

Q: Why is Houston traveling with Samus?
A: Because, quite frankly, it's funnier that way.

Q: What is HBA?
A: HBA stands for Houston's Big Adventure, and is an RPG being worked on by the Maru Mari team based on... well, Houston and his big adventure.