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Metroid 2002: Metroid Fusion

Welcome to Metroid 2002's Metroid Fusion section. Check out Speed Runs or Sequence Breaking in the menu to your left.



Added or updated the following pages: Speed Tricks: ARC II, Main Deck, NOC SA-X, NOC, NOC 2, PYR 2, TRO SA-X, TRO SA-X 2, SRX 2. nate


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: SA-X, Charge Beam Core X, Nettori, Nightmare, Ridley, Wide Beam Core X, Yakuza. nate


BioSpark brings us today not a single-segment 1% (that's next, he promises me) but instead a great improvement to his 100% TAS (tool-assisted speedrun done on emulator). The boss battles in this one are really unbelievable. Go. Now. Nate


BioSpark cares about Fusion! Do you? Even if you don't, check out his new world record single-segment speed run in 0:48! He's planning on going after the SS 1% record next, so hopefully things will stay lively around here now ... Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Version Differences: Intro Skip, Early Missile Tank: ARC, Early Energy Tank: ARC, Boss Tricks: Double Core X Shot, Early Power Bomb Tank 3, Early Tanks: PYR, Other: Space Pirate Buddy System, Mobile Sidehopper, Weird Rungs, Boss Tricks: SA-X Final Form Quick Kill, Omega Metroid. Nate


Added BioSpark's amazing new 100% TAS to the sidebar under Technical Demonstration[s]! Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Other: Stupid SA-X Series (Stupid SA-X Encore), Speed Tricks: Leaving ARC, Main Deck Space Boost. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: Omega Metroid, Speed Tricks: Escape, Leaving ARC, Leaving PYR, Main Deck Space Boost, 100 Percent Tricks: TRO, Other: Alternate ARC Route, BOX Sparked, Early Power Bomb Tank 2, Missile Hatch, Stupid X, Water Glitch. The videos in this update are all 240x160 (the native resolution of the Game Boy Advance) and encoded with H.264, so you'll need to upgrade to QuickTime 7 if you haven't already to view them. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Techniques: Space Boosting. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: SA-X Final Form, BOX, BOX II, Speed Tricks: TRO SA-X, Other: Smart SA-X. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: SA-X. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: Double Core X Shot, Speed Tricks: AQA 3, Other: Nightmare's Arms, PB SA-X, Version Differences: Alternate Secret Message Method, Arachnus, Boss Door, BOX, BOX II, Core X, Difficulty Setting, Gallery, Giant Plant, Mega-X, Nettori, Ridley, SA-X, Serris, Stereo Save, Yakuza. Nate


Added or updated the following sections: Boss Tricks: SA-X, Other: Shinesparked SA-X. Nate


Added or updated the following sections: Speed Tricks: ARC, ARC III, Escape Shinespark, Early Missile Tanks: PYR. Nate


Added or updated the following sections: Other: Stupid SA-X Series. Nate


Changed the "Speed Runs" link to point directly to the runs at archive.org. This way you can't be behind on Speed Runs just because I'm too lazy to post their info here. Nate


Changed all Speed Run download links to point to our new host at archive.org and added DaveB's 1:16 Single Segment 100% Speed Run. Nate


Replaced the MP4 copies of the existing episodes of Sesshoumaru's Technical Demonstration with high quality DivX copies! Enjoy! Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Other: Early Power Bomb Tank, Secret Message. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Techniques: Low Height Shinespark, Space Boosting, 100 Percent Tricks: PYR 1-5, NOC 1-3, ARC 1-2, SRX 1-2, Nightmare Tank, NOC Power Bomb Tank, SRX Missile Tank, AQA, Speed Tricks: Main Deck 2, Main Deck 3, PYR 2, PYR 3, NOC SA-X, SRX, Restricted Lab, Reactor Core, AQA 2, Boss Tricks: BOX II, Yakuza 2. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Speed Tricks: SRX Missile Tank, Other: Floating Omega Metroid. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: Mega-X, Other: Pogo Omega Metroid, Speed Tricks: AQA II, NOC, NOC Power Bomb Tank, Escape Shinespark, SA-X Glitches. Nate


Added my 0:53 Speed Run. Nate



That's right, the creamy center of my chocolate coated 1% run is finally completed and available for viewing. part 22 isn't too shabby either.

Yep, 22 and 23 up for your entertainment. Behold the mighty nightmare bested in a mere 2 stops. Also rainbow monkeys spout from his eyes when he's killed that quickly. Can it be true? Has he gone mad? Am I making crap up to get you to watch? Maybe. But there's only one way to know. So what are you waiting for? Watchy Watchy. Sesshoumaru


Hello once more true believers and newcomers alike.

Today we present a fantastic journey into the mystical world of TRO for a showdown against Nettori, a boss so evil that his attacks consist of spitting pollen at you, spitting beams which never come close to hitting you, and standing in the corner getting shot at.

Also, don't tell, but I found a MAGIC SPOT that makes him a pushover. But you can see for yourself. That's right, segments 20 and 21, the Nettori saga, is up. Commentary as well, download for the down low.

See you in ARC Sesshoumaru


Phew, maaaaan was that harsh.

Alright, folks, here's what you've been wanting to see, the MIGHTY YAKUZA is available now! Parts 18 and 19 are up

I warn you in advance, if you were expecting a flawless fast as possible yakuza fight, you may be disappointed. Once again it is lack of being able to save that is to blame.

The whole batch of pirates before the boss door is almost as bad as yakuza itself if you're in the business of not getting hit.

Overall though a nice thing I think. Not to mention glad to have it out of the way. It took me longer than any segment should. I think even nightmare couldn't be so bad, at least he's hardly random at all and has a save point right before him.

Welp, onto nettori. Ho! Sesshoumaru


Added Sess's new discovery, The TRO Trap, to the new Other section. Nate


Can it be? Two new segments WITH COMMENTARY up already?

Can Sess be becoming not lazy?

Well, more like parts 16 and 17 were pretty mellow. ESPECIALLY after 15. Ugh. So those two are up. The fans said they want a decent balance, with a slight shift toward humor in commentary. I did my best to oblige

To be honest though, there's not a lot of explaining to do in 16. Yeah. Kinda dull. I don't think even I'd want to watch it. 17 will be more worth your time if you're not too bored with seeing a bunch of stuff you've already seen, as I often am.

Welp, onto 18! That also will be a very mellow segment it looks like, unless I pull some mighty new trick out of my hat for it. Then Yakuza, which will make up for all the mellow segments I'm sure, especially since I won't be able to save in front of the boss door again. Yeech.

Stay tuned! Sesshoumaru


Ah, all caught up! All the commentary is done, folks! Everything up to 15. Read your heart out.

Learn the harrowing tale of what COULD have happened in part 13. Learn the story of what I DIDN'T do in 15 to save sanity. Drama, passion, revenge, possibly rainbow monkeys, all await in the commentary.

Now the trick is just to stay caught up :P Anyway, now I'm going to be churning out actual SEGMENTS again. Well I may take a day off...

Also you may notice that my run is no longer classified as a "speed run" on the sidebar there. The truth is it never was a speed run, and only now is that misnomer being corrected. As I've said all along, but I'll keep saying it anyway cause I like to be redundant, it's a showmanship run. So it's classified under 'technical demonstrations' now, and the difference is outlined by me when you click on 'technical demonstrations'

Now recently there's been a bit of ruckus about emulator vids and the various advantages people may have when playing them. I stay out of such things myself as, well I don't particularly have an opinion, as I'm not really into the speed run scene, also mentioned by me in that outline.

But if I were up on who holds the record for such game under such condition, I'd probably agree with emulator recordings for speed runs being thrown out.

Now most of the people around here are very civil, and I appreciate that. No one's come out and accused me of cheating on my runs, you guys are a nicer bunch than gamefaqs. I also know there's plenty of people thinking it, even though they aren't saying it, and that's fine too. I know there's nothing I could say or do to convince otherwise until someone else does what I do on the actual cart *nudges nate*. And besides, I could hardly appreciate you guys not saying it if I didn't know it wasn't taking an effort. It shows more than respect for my integrity, it shows respect for my feelings, and I want all of you to know it's not gone unnoticed.

Regardless, despite the site-wide ban on emulator vids for speed runs, Nate has seen fit to allow my run to stay on the site. It's a mixed blessing, cause that means I need to finish, and I assure you I'd not turn down an excuse to wimp out on the rest. Also I imagine Toozin would never forgive me if I stopped producing segments. All the effort I put into making these enjoyable to watch worked a bit too well it seems.

But yeah, the ban is on speed runs, and the official response is that mine isn't one, so it slips through the cracks. Thanks everyone for your support, Expect segment 16 to be up as soon as I finish it. Slightly redundant yes, but you know :P

By the way, thanks for the mail, everyone who sent me mail. I rarely respond cause I'm lazy, but it's always appreciated. Sesshoumaru


Greetings and Salutations.

Seems I was a bit ambitious when I figured I could finish all the commentaries in a day. I underestimated just how long they take to write. Not to mention to be entertaining with.

Or it could be I'm just long-winded :P I do feel it's important to write them in such a way that anyone who reads it will gain the kind of understanding of the rooms and bosses that I had though, encase they wanted to try this themselves or even use the knowledge to create their own strategies.

In any event, I have finished everything up to part 12, mega X. I'm writing 13 as we speak, and 13 through 15, with some luck, will be all done by tomorrow. Then It's back to the actual 1% run itself. Joy!

Anyways, have fun reading them, I had fun writing them.

And oh yeah, all the maps have been resized to their original dimensions, (they're big now) so you can see the lettering better. Welp, off I go. Sesshoumaru


Ho Ho Ho, Merry Leap Month, Santa Sess is here with a brand new segment.

Woah, guess it's been a while. Sorry Compy. Yeah I got a bit burned out on fusion for a whiles there, two months playing nothing but will do that to a game. But I've had me break and caught up a lot on all the other games I wanted to catch up on, and people were starting to e-mail me with complaints about lack of updates and whatnot.

So anyway, I'm back on the fusion train. If I'm not lazy I may even have aaaall the commentary done up by tomorrow, too. I have to admit I forgot just how satisfying it is to accomplish one of these segments. Especially this hellish one, with it's lack of saves and random factors up the yin yang.

Also, there have been issues with my e-mail addy the last two weeks or so, but they should be all fixed by now. The fan mail is what spurred me back into action more than anything, so if you actually get a kick out of these do let me know. I was doing these to make the site popular, but it's pretty popular now, so I'm just doing it for the sake of finishing I suppose at this point. Still, if you e-mailed me recently, better send it again, odds are I didn't get it.

Off to do commentary. AWAY! Sesshoumaru


Remastered the existing fourteen Sesshoumaru 1% segments. They should now all play in QuickTime with a constant 30 frames per second. Nate


Added or updated the following sections: Techniques: Jump Extend, Low Height Shinespark, Boss Tricks: Yakuza, Speed Tricks: AQA, ARC, Main Deck, PYR, Early Missile Tanks: AQA. Nate


14 done! Again...

Alright, if you got part 14 before, get it again. There was something I did not know I could do when I made the first version. This one is faster a little bit, so it's from this save that I shall continue my run. Thanks to Trebor for pointing out the mistake and saving me some time.

The new version has replaced the old ones in the links, so watch away. Sesshoumaru


Greetings once more, fans of the mighty 1%.

I have completed Arc for your viewing pleasure. Get it while it's hot. Big happy fun time fusion run, electric hyper pleasure now!

Please bear in mind that the emulator likes to fudge up when there's a LOT of enemies in the room at once, so you'll see a bit of slugging here or there. Arc has some big rooms with lots of enemies. The strategies used are solid though, and would work even at normal speed :P

Onto Pyr! Sesshoumaru


Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

MHQ is dead and we are all with m2k2 now

And as such, I, the mighty Sesshoumaru, shall continue to update my segments here, with nate making video videos of them. Good deal, eh? Remember, you need quicktime for the mp4s. But you don't have to bother with roms and what not. This run is still meant to draw you in and keep checking this site every so often. So do that. A lot. A newspost will be made here in the fusion section at each update, so keep your eye on it.

Part 13 is now up. That's basically just going back to the nav room from being saved after mega X.

Harder than it sounds, for puffers are everywhere, and to get past the puffers without ever slowing down is a challenge indeed. But with a combination of trying over and over (and over) for proper random movements of the puffers, as well as knowing how to counter several various puffer possibilities, I got through. Huzzah. You watch now! Sesshoumaru


Launched the Metroid Fusion Section of Metroid 2002 with Sesshoumaru's 1% Run (focusing on showmanship) from Metroid HQ, as well as several Sequence Breaking videos. Nate


Shortened my Fusion 1:03 Any Percent Speed Run filenames so that the files would play in QuickTime for Windows. Nate


Added the "With Story" versions of my 1:03 Metroid Fusion Speed Run and gave DEVILBIT and Banks dual credit for the Fungal Halls without the Grapple Beam. Nate


The site is launched with my 1:03 Metroid Fusion Any Percent Speed Run (no story only) and a bunch of Metroid Prime Sequence Breaking info. Nate