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Technical Demonstration

Hi all, Sesshoumaru here with the debut of the Technical Demonstration section of the site.

Now what, one may ask, is a technical demonstration? It's like a speed run, but to explain the difference, let me tell you a story.

I'm not big on speed runs, either recording or watching.

On various speed runs on try to view I have trouble keeping focused on it. I mean during the parts where they do some amazing trick I go "wow" sure, but so much (and I'm not singling out any game or run, just saying in general) is so... you know, just running, and jumping, and shooting, nothing really... amazing, I guess. And actually I miss a lot of wow parts too cause I kind of, I dunno, space out. That's why I try so hard to make each of my 1 or 2 minute segments chalked full of amazing things.

That's probably another problem, actually, most runs have their segments so.... LONG.... I'm amazed people can keep their attention on watching 10 minute segments with only a hand full of interesting points in them. Again, I'm not having any specific game or run in mind, but this is my in general experience. Lack of saves is of course a good thing if you want a good timestamp. But if you want something with maximum entertainment value, I say give the audience some breaks. That's just me :P

But anyway, this is why in my run, I instigate such pointless rules as 'never get hit' and why I put so much emphasis on style even at the expense of speed. If there's other people out there like me, and I know there are, I want them to not fall asleep during my run as my short-attention-spanned self has done on many parts of many others. This is why I put many hours a day practically every day into getting these segments out, and that's not an exaggeration.

Anyway, This run is inherently different from a speed run, in that it is not done for the purpose of competition, or for the singular goal of having a good timestamp. It is done for the singular purpose of being fun to watch. To be something that makes you go "wow, look at what this freak does, look at the techniques demonstrated, I wanna see more of this." Because of that I figure it is best classified as a technical demonstration. And now you know the difference.

Boy, I gots me some PR skills, eh? I should run for office. Arooooo.