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Metroid 2002: Metroid Zero Mission

Welcome to Metroid 2002's Metroid Zero Mission section.



Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: Chozo Statue. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Other: Imago Frozen. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Other: Ethereal Pirate, Early Super Missile Tank: Brinstar #1. Some of the videos in this update are 240x160 (the native resolution of the Game Boy Advance) and encoded with H.264, so you'll need to upgrade to QuickTime 7 if you haven't already to view them. Nate


And now 9% fans, the moment you've been waiting for. The arch-nemesis of Samus... RIDLEY!

Fear not good citizens, for the mighty dragon has a fatal weakness: his claws are fake! That's right; Ridley's manicurist uses subpar treatment plans for the clients. Let this be a warning to you: always do your research before choosing a manicurist. You never know when you need to smack a woman for stealing your clothes only to find out that your nails don't work.

As Ridley is crazy random, I decided to save right afterwards. The first of the three is finally down. If you don't know who the three are, watch all of the episodes again. And pay attention, especially in the introduction. Ekarderif


9. The square of 3. The size of the fellowship against the identical amount of corrupt mortals. The maximum number of queens for any given side in chess. The number of times a cat can go through the blender while still remaining fun. But most importantly, the least number of items needed to beat Zero Mission.

The heart of the space pirate army awaits. And Mr. Ridley shall have to continue to wait for his servant, the mighty imago, wishes to tango. Being the gentleman that I am, I must oblige.

As the first (mini) boss where missile drops are crucial, imago cocoon proves a worthy adversary. Still, a few waves of his spores help me kill him. When will bosses learn to stop dropping items that help me kill them? Ekarderif


Yay, we're back! And I've tacked on episode one and two's comments to boot.

This is a really short trip through Norfair. I'd love to have made it longer, but the next segment is an annoyingly random one so this is short and sweet. Have fun! Ekarderif


Friday. The day of 9%. Except today.

Sorry folks, but lately I've been extremely busy with work. I barely find enough time to sleep between the numerous projects, and I haven't even started encoding the video that was supposed to be uploaded this week. So I have come to the conclusion that the weekly schedule was too hectic. Instead, the remaining parts will be released every other week.

All is not lost; some of my work has cleared up today. I promise you, by the next Friday, I will have (at least some) commentary up for the current episodes in addition to the next segment. Ekarderif


Behold 9% fanatics, the journey into Norfair begins... next week. This week, we get Crateria.

Unlike many of the episodes, I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this one. Perhaps it was the combination of intense wall-jumping, infinite bomb-jumping, and lack of randomness.

Yes I know I haven't posted commentary. No they will not be up this weekend, sorry. Yes I swear I'll get to them. Ekarderif


Join me as we journey into the depth of Norfair... with a slight delay at the varia suit. Of course in a pure speed game, this is skipped. But there's a small part later that requires skinny dipping in some lava, and there will be no exceptions to my "cannot take damage" rule.

My mailbox remains empty. I'm hoping this simply means you viewers are either satisfied enough or getting answers on the forum. If you're scared to contact me direct, don't be; I promise not to bite ;). Ekarderif


Another Friday means another dose of 9%! There are those who worry that the run has been delayed. Keep in mind that a day actually consists of 24 hours (and I'm running on EST because I can) so please don't start complaining until after 5:00 Saturday GMT (that's Greenwich Mean Time for the non-acronymiterate people).

I made this segment short mostly due to the uber-random hives. I hope it's exhilirating despite the length. Also before you ask, yes I'm planning on comments for each episode. I've just been busy/lazy lately (take your pick). Ekarderif


The journey into the dark side begins with 9: 9% that is! Finally, after years (I don't care if it's only been out a year) of neglect, Zero Mission will get consistent updates. Maybe it'll bring some additional interest back into this game.

Today we witness the beginning of it all. Well technically, the revised new beginning of the Metroid universe, since Nintendo can't keep their hands off an established series. We also tackle the first miniboss of the game: charge beamst. He's pretty lame though so don't expect much there. Hope you enjoy this pilot episode. Ekarderif


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: Imago Cocoon, Speed Tricks: Skip Acid Worm. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: Chozo Statue, Speed Tricks: Ridley Crumble Jump, Version Differences: 9% Hard, Other: Imago Frozen, Bunny Pirate. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Other: Calm Pirate, Norfair Glitch, Norfair Without Wave Beam, Speed Tricks: Ridley Lower Right Tanks Entrance, Boss Tricks: Mother Brain. Nate


Changed the "Speed Runs" link to point directly to the runs at archive.org. This way you can't be behind on Speed Runs just because I'm too lazy to post their info here. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Speed Tricks: Ridley 2, Crateria, Kraid. Nate


Changed all Speed Run download links to point to our new host at archive.org! Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: Mother Brain. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Speed Tricks: Ridley 2, Kraid, Crateria, Item Tricks: Norfair Missiles. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Speed Tricks: Norfair, Item Tricks: Brinstar Tanks. Nate


Added GameCube04's 00:31:31 Any Percent Speed Run as well as ajbolt89's new 10% Hard 00:49:41 Low Percent Speed Run! In addition, posted the Best Times page. Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Item Tricks: Norfair Missile Tank, Tourian Missile Tank, Speed Tricks: Skip Map: Chozodia, Skip Map: Ridley, Other: Screen Shudder. Nate


Updated the Commentary for ajbolt89's Hard 10% Speed Run! Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: Ridley, Speed Tricks: Ridley, Skip Acid Worm, Low Percent: Skip Ridley Missile, Other: ajbolt89 Ridley Fight. Nate


Added ajbolt89's Hard 10% Speed Run! Nate


Added Radix's 00:34:43 Any Percent Speed Run and Red Scarlet's 01:04:44 100 Percent Speed Run! Nate


Relaunched the Metroid 2002 Zero Mission section with a ton of new, more relevant info, as well as Red Scarlet's world record Hard 100% Speed Run! Nate


Removed LLCoolDave's 0:39:29 Any Percent Run and added TFergusson's 15% Hard run! Nate


Added LLCoolDave's 0:39:29 Any Percent Speed Run! Nate


Added or updated the following pages: Boss Tricks: Worm, Speed Tricks: Shooting Robots, Early Energy Tanks: Brinstar #1, Kraid #1, Early Missile Tanks: Brinstar #1, Brinstar #2, Low Percent: Brinstar #1, Kraid #1. Nate


Made the first of many Zero Mission updates: added the Early Varia page as well as three Norfair Early Missile Tanks and the Infinite Bomb Jump Techniques page to go along with them. Nate


Not much here yet except our Metroid Zero Mission promotional trailer, complete with the Metroid Metal Theme as remixed by the rocking Stemage. Nate