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boss tricks: rundas

(download video)

Defeat Rundas with one hyper mode by keeping him close as you fight him. Go hyper at the start and wait for him to jump down. As he's getting ready to move, use uncharged shots until he's stunned. Every time Rundas is stunned, he grunts; you can grapple as soon as you hear it, but remember that you can't actually rip off the armor until the beam turns yellow.

Move right in front of Rundas and charge a shot, releasing it at medium. He'll swing at you with his arm, so step back a bit when he raises it. Get in front of him again to make him swing at you again, releasing another medium charged shot. If his health is above half, try to get in a few uncharged shots before he can remake his armor, because he stops taking damage as soon as the animation starts. After stunning Rundas again, repeat the process one more time to finish him off.