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secret worlds: skyway access

(download video)

You can access this secret world once you have the hazard shield. Also be sure to turn on boost ball aiming as it's required to get in. It's in the pause menu under controls.

Near the gate are four pillars with snake-like decorations. Find the first one on the right and get in front. It's important that you follow the video as closely as possible, because the next step requires a very difficult and unusual move. You need to land on the gate, and to get enough height for that, you have to do a spring-bsj and touch the pillar at a very specific time, resulting in a midair ghetto jump effect.

When ready, morph and roll forward a bit, then roll back and spring jump. Unmorph at the peak and use your first jump, immediately moving away from the pillar. Face the gate and continue moving forward, using your second jump at the peak. Line yourself up with the red spiky objects and use screw attack at the peak. If you got enough height, the screw attack will cause you to slide up the gate.

Turn to face the wall on your left and let yourself slide toward it. When you reach it, morph and charge a boost. Before releasing, make sure the targeting icon is in front of you so you go toward the wall (move the icon with the wii remote if needed). After releasing it, put a bomb as you start to be pushed away and quickly boost into it, unmorphing at the peak to enter the secret world.