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boss tricks: korakk

(download video)

The Korakk can be defeated before he attacks by following specific actions. He'll always open his mouth first, so walk forward and fire a missile to stun him. Morph without waiting for the missile to hit and roll behind him, putting 3 bombs and going hyper. Press C when behind him for an instant unmorph, then immediately kill the rider with a few uncharged shots (or one slightly charged).

The rider's death makes the Korakk open his mouth again; when he does, do just a bit of damage then morph and put 3 bombs nearby, getting behind him after. For some reason, the Korakk won't get stunned right away, so you want to have 3 bombs waiting for him. Once behind him, lock on the tail and repeatedly grapple until it kicks in. Dash next to him and release a charged shot, finishing him with uncharged shots. Aim for the center as it seems to take more damage.