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boss tricks: aurora unit 313

(download video)

Defeat the Aurora Unit in two rounds with this method. Start with a charged shot to destroy the first tentacle and damage the weak point as much as possible (destroying a second tentacle if needed). AU falls to the right when he is first knocked down, so morph and boost over there as soon as you hear his grunt. Unmorph in front of him and grapple off the armor, quickly aim at the core and fire a missile before he gets up, shoot him 3-4 times and use another missile.

AU will almost certainly attack before you can damage him, but if you're very lucky his tentacles will just come out again. It's also possible for him to attack twice, in which case you should probably restart. Knock him down and boost left this time, repeating the same process on the core. Depending on the damage you caused before, the amount of uncharged shots needed will vary. It takes 7 uncharged shots to win (not counting missiles), so you can use 3 the first time and 4 the second time or vice versa. You can choose to always shoot 4 times to be safe, but any more than that is not recommended as you'll be cutting it close with the second missile.