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techniques: bs jump

Allows you to continue jumping in human form after a bomb or spring jump. The jump must end with an instant unmorph, where the game reverts to human form as soon as you hit C, without the usual animation.

Instant unmorphs can be triggered near most walls by moving the camera. Stand in front of a wall and put your back to it, morphing afterward. If the camera angle doesn't change, you're almost ready to do the bs jump, otherwise tap or hold Z and move around until the wall is no longer visible. Although you need to be close to the wall, leave yourself a little room because touching the wall prevents the instant unmorph from working.

Once in position, the last thing is to decide what kind of jump to use.

Single bomb bs jump: use a bomb, and about halfway up the ascent, tap down and unmorph. A widely used method in MP2, but something makes it inconsistent this time. The spring-bsj makes this obsolete.

Spring bs jump (spring-bsj): flick the wii remote up or down, holding down on the stick and unmorphing about halfway up.

2bj bs jump (2bsj): do a 2bj and tap down just after the last bomb hits, unmorphing about halfway up the ascent. Can be used to jump two levels high.

Spring bomb bs jump (sb-bsj): flick the wii remote up or down, using a bomb about halfway up the ascent. Time the next spring jump so you hit the bomb, then tap down and unmorph. Can be used to jump two levels high.

When ready to unmorph, press C and then B immediately after. If done right, you should jump again in human form. Use your second jump to further increase height and distance, following with screw attack if you have it.

To see this move in action, try the links below.

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