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skipping the hazard shield: skyway access

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When you enter, don't go forward or you'll touch the rain. Instead, go left and slowly move forward once you hit the wall, stopping when the lasers come out. The cutscene will put you in the rain and damage is unavoidable; all you can do is hold down to get out. On normal, expect to lose around 45 health.

Go hyper to kill the two commando pirates. The one on your left usually jumps at you, and you should take him out first because it's a lot harder to dodge him if he's left unchecked and goes hyper. Before killing the second pirate, make sure you have enough health to live through the next cutscene, which does about 42 damage on normal. If you need refills, there are a few crates and two phazon canisters. The crates aren't that reliable, but the phazon canisters always have 3 large phazon units, worth 50 health each. Just make sure to save one of the canisters.

After the next cutscene, you'll deal with four crawltanks. They're trivial unless they go hyper and you don't have the health to do it also. One slightly charged plasma shot kills a regular crawltank, while hyper crawltanks die to an uncharged hyper shot. If any go hyper, go hyper yourself or kill the rest, then deal with them. Use a phazon canister before finishing the last one, because the last cutscene does almost 170 damage.

Once you move out of the rain again, kill the last two crawltanks or leave by getting in the tunnel on the right. If either crawltank goes hyper, don't stick around because it'll only take a few shots to kill you.