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other: bryyo turret skip

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(download video)

The shield generator in Bryyo Thorn Jungle can be bombed while destroying only one turret, in North Jungle Court.

After dealing with the pirates in the generator room and unlocking the doors, go left into Generator Hall North. There are several places where you can spring-bsj to the upper ledge, but the wall on your right is best for getting instant unmorphs. The first crate is a good indicator of where to stop and do the spring-bsj.

When you reach North Jungle Court, pull any lever and the aerotroopers will show up, but they won't bother you if you don't shoot them. They won't try to pull back levers either, so just pull the rest and destroy the fuel gel tanks. Return to the generator room the way you came and switch to the command visor. If you don't see the icon near the shield, leave and re-enter the room after the door closes. The icon should now appear, and you can bomb the shield even though the other turret is still active.