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without grapple: grand abyss

(download video)

(download video)

In order to cross Grand Abyss to collect the Screw Attack without the assistance of the Grapple Beam, it is necessary to use the nearest maintenance drone as a stepping stone to reach the far platform. There are two known methods for doing this - a scan dash and a roll jump. Both methods are tricky, but the scan dash is probably the easier. Much of the difficulty stems from the fact that this is a "one-shot" trick; if you miss the drone at the first attempt, it will no longer be in the correct position, forcing a reset.

For the scan dash method, you need to jump onto the left-hand barrier as close to the tip as possible, and then rotate right to face the rock formation. Lock onto the nearest of the distant robots with the scan visor and wait for the robot to pass under the tip of the rock. Scan dash (forwards), timing your second jump for parity in height and maximum distance. In order to give the forward bend on the scan dash sufficient time to take effect, it is likely that you will need to hold R slightly later than you would do for most scan dashes. If you are colliding with the wall behind the robot rather than the robot itself, you probably need to start holding R a little later. Once you are on the robot, wait for it to pass close to the far platform and then carefully space jump from it to the ledge. This scan dash method is shown in the upper left video.

For the roll jump method, jump to the barrier and roll jump off the end of it towards the robot. It is difficult to provide effective advice on the roll jump method as it seems very random, but it is shown in the above right video.

In a speed run, you can save time by scan dashing to the target platform rather than waiting for the robot to carry you within space jump range, as shown in the video below.

(download video)