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techniques: bs jump

Allows you to jump in human form immediately after a bomb jump. The bomb jump must end with an instant unmorph, where the game switches back to human form as soon as you hit X, without the usual animation. If you have space jump or screw attack, they can also be used after the first jump.

Instant unmorphs can be triggered near most walls using a camera trick. Stand in front of a wall and put your back to it, then press forward and morph. If the camera angle doesn't change to show the wall behind you, you're ready for the bomb jump. Single bomb and 3bj are the only ones compatible with this move, so use one according to the height needed.

For a single bomb jump, simply hold down during the ascent from the bomb. Unmorph near (or at) the peak and immediately press B. This has to come at nearly the same time as X, or the game doesn't let you jump after the unmorph. It's recommended that you use two fingers.

When doing a 3bj, wait for the second bomb to explode before moving back, and unmorph after the last bomb hits. Just as with a single bomb jump, B has to come right after X.