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boost ball before super missile

(download video)

(download video)

Reaching the boost ball without super missile may be performed by jumping over a fence in either the light or dark version of Forgotten Bridge. All things considered, the trip is probably easier in the dark world, but with the obvious downside that you have to perform a tricky bomb space jump while your energy slowly ticks away.

In (light) Forgotten Bridge, use a single bomb bs jump to reach a very thin landable spot at the bottom of the fence. Back up against the fence (getting into the corner), then morph while pressing forward lightly. Press back during the morph to get back into the corner and avoid falling from the fence. You may find yourself falling anyway due to just how little room there is, but it shouldn't be too long before you're safely on the fence. If you are performing this trick in the dark world, this first bs jump is not necessary, as you can simply jump on a cache to reach the landable point.

Once on the fence in ball mode, one more bs jump must be done. There are a few different ways to make this jump. A single bomb bs jump will in theory provide enough height to get over the fence cleanly, but the jump needs to be near perfect. Option two is to perform an imperfect one bomb bs jump and then "float" to make up the remaining height. Using a 2bsj is extremely difficult as it is almost impossible to stay on the fence after descending from the first bomb, so the third option is to use a "bs jump plus", which involves the laying of two bombs near-simultaneously to provide more height.

If you choose to use the two-bomb bs jump plus method, which is probably the easiest and most reliable, you will need to lay both bombs in the same place at almost the same time such that both bombs hit the morph ball as they explode, increasing the height of the jump. The timing of these two bombs is critical, and the bombs are best placed by drumming the index and middle fingers of the right hand on the A button in quick succession.

Whether you choose to use one bomb or two, you must hold down to stay on the fence while waiting for the explosion, and hold forward briefly when it happens. Hold back again as your jump peaks, in order to get the instant unmorph. Provided you attained sufficient height, you can simply hold L after the instant unmorph and pull backwards to get over the fence. The two bomb bs jump plus method (in the dark world) is shown in the above left video. If you are consistently failing to gain sufficient height, you might like to try the slower "floating" method outlined below.

Instead of holding L and pulling backwards after the unmorph, turn around to face the fence, and at the peak of your second jump, hold L and move forward against it (there should be a tree branch to your left, like the video). If done properly you'll end up stuck, but will slowly rise as long as you hold L. From this point you should let go of L and immediately rehold it for about a second, repeating until you eventually float over the fence. The float method performed both in the light and dark worlds is shown in the top right and bottom left videos respectively.

There is a catch associated with performing this sequence break in the light world. When you enter Torvus Grove, you'll get in a scripted fight with two pirate commandos, and killing both will make the torvus translator unavailable for the rest of the game. Unless you're skilled enough to skip it, you won't be able to finish the game as a result. To get around this, make sure you leave the room when you encounter the pirates (using the without boost ball method to reach the dark door you entered from, which remains unlocked during the fight). Go back all the way through Grove Access to reload Torvus Grove. Return there and the pirates will be gone for good, and you'll still be able to collect the translator when you want.

This problem with Torvus Grove is bypassed if you choose to do the trick in the dark world instead.


(download video)

(download video)