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boss tricks: boost guardian

(download video)

(download video)

It's possible to beat Boost Guardian during the first "round" of battle; before he can use his boost ball ability. Though it's not easy (you have to react very quickly to his sudden directional changes), he can be killed in 25 seconds or less with this method, that time including his 7 second death animation.

Charge the light beam and remain completely still as Boost Guardian goes through his starting animation. Release the charged shot when he finishes it, but before he starts moving again. Depending on your timing, he'll do one of several things. In this video he uses a multi-laser attack then becomes a puddle, but most often he'll fly at you and become a puddle when he hits the wall (dash to the side to avoid it).

In either case you'll have time to hit him with a second charged shot, but as soon as he becomes a puddle, aim down at him and lock your view with L. Strafe around the room hitting him with charged shots, always making sure to stay very close to him (he'll remain a puddle as long as you stay close enough). You can't kill Boost Guardian in the puddle state, so once his health bar is down to 10% or so, move away and let him return to his normal form, then finish him before he can go into ball mode.