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early items: screw attack before spider ball

(download video)

(download video)

Enter Watch Station Access and jump on the edge of the cord that's beside the wall. Turn to face the door you just came in from and fully scan it. Now you must scan dash (back) a certain distance across the pit, and if you go far enough, you'll reappear on the side with the energy tank after falling.

The WSA dash is basically a scan dash bent back, but there isn't much room for error, so it's worth explaining in full:

1) all at the same time, hold L, tap B, and slam the stick left. Quickly move the stick to down when it gets there; this will bend the dash back and move you away from the wall you would otherwise dash into.

2) the screen freezes as a result of locking on a nearby scanned target. Hold R now, and continue holding down on the stick.

3) when ready, let go of L and the screen will unfreeze. Immediately hold it again, but this time lightly; you want the crosshair to appear without locking on the door.

4) use your second jump about 1.5-2 seconds after letting go of L. At this point, just keep L and R held, and the stick at the same position, waiting to see what side you end up on.

There's also a roll jump method. Following the upper right video, put your back to the wall when you come in, then hit forward and morph. Roll off the right side of the ledge and do a roll jump to the end of the pit. If done right, you'll easily get the distance.

Whichever method, once you're in Watch Station, just go and get the screw attack. If you want to get it before spider ball, you'll need to do Watch Station without it though.