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(download video)

(download video)

When you first enter GFMC Compound, make your way to the boot-shaped rock found just before the cutscene. Place yourself between it and the dark part of the wall. With the very bottom of the boot in the center of your view, get a running start and jump just as you touch it (while holding up on the stick).

Immediately after pressing B, hold left on the stick briefly, then hold up again as the jump is about to peak. The idea is to ghetto jump off the bottom for an initial height boost, slide left up the boot for more height, and finally push yourself up to the ledge.

Once you're up, drop down next to the missile launcher and take it. Now head back to the entrance to trigger the cutscene you previously avoided. The missile launcher will reappear and you can collect it a second time, letting you finish with 101% if you get everything else (or 100% leaving out an item of your choice).