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boss tricks: jump guardian

(download video)

When you first enter the dark world, go to the end of the room. On the right side is a high ledge that can be reached by bomb jumping; use a dbj/3bj and don't press against the wall, just be very close to it and hit forward before the unmorph.

In the next room, jump on the bladepod next to the vertical pipe on the right side. Now get a slight running start and jump to the ledge (hold L and jump diagonally). Refill your health on the bladepods before the next room. It won't slow you down because the next room will load while you do this.

Now you're in Judgment Pit, and much sooner than the other way. Go to the light beacon on your left and stand behind it. Lock your view at the front of the statue on the other side and you'll hit Jump Guardian when you shoot (invisible but can still be damaged). Fire 25 fully charged shots, then jump down to the light crystal to start the fight. His health bar should be empty (or almost), so just finish him off with uncharged shots.