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Techniques: BSJ

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After the bomb space jump or BSJ was discovered in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, it was found that it also works (albeit in a more limited way) in Metroid Prime. The difference in Prime is that it is much harder to persuade the camera to give you an instant unmorph, which reduces the usefulness of the trick. Nevertheless, where they are possible, BSJs provide more height than any other type of jump known.

The idea behind a BSJ is to perform some sort of bomb jump such that a piece of scenery moves between Samus and the camera during the jump. This will cause an instant unmorph when X is pressed to unmorph after the jump. Under these conditions, it is possible to perform a full space jump immediately after the instant unmorph, giving you a full space jump's worth of height plus whatever you got from the bomb jump.

As in Echoes, the timing involved in pressing B for the jump after the instant unmorph is critical to making the trick work. It must be pressed immediately after the instant unmorph occurs. Indeed, it is probably impossible to press it too soon after the unmorph. You will almost certainly want to change your grip on the controller so you have one finger on X and another on B. If you are failing consistently to make a BSJ that is known to work, you are probably waiting too long after pressing X to press B.

Not all bomb jumps can be used in this way. The Triple Bomb Jump, UBJ and HBJ and some DBJs are for some reason not compatible with this technique. Single bomb jumps, 3BJs and "2BJs" (a 3BJ minus the last bomb) represent your best bet.

As mentioned, it is trickier in Prime to get the instant unmorph required for this technique to work. One guaranteed method is to roll through a door, keeping the camera behind you in the doorway, and bomb jump from this position.

Examples of the BSJ include Secret Worlds: North Quarantine Tunnel and Secret Worlds: Landing Site.