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Techniques: Ghetto Jump

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Ghetto jumping is a pure height technique, done by L jumping against a specific nearby object to go quite a bit higher than regular jumps allow. The objects in question are different in every room, but it's often a wall, uneven ground, or something on the ground you can press against.

To do a ghetto jump, stand against an object and do an L jump in the direction of it. Either let go of the stick immediately after pressing B, or move away very slightly (until you're no longer against the object), depending on the situation. The reason for this is that most objects have a certain point in height where you can no longer be pressing against them; otherwise your jump will either be stopped, or you'll just be dragged back down. Being dragged down is especially common with underwater ghetto jumps.

In some cases, it's fine to stay pressed against an object, and sometimes this even increases height. It really just depends on what you're using for the ghetto jump, as everything affects your jump differently.

Ghetto jumps can be used underwater, and are even better without the gravity suit, as strange as that is. A great example of a regular ghetto jump is climbing to the top of Frigate Crash Site. For an underwater jump, check out getting the Artifact of Lifegiver without the Gravity Suit.

Additional info:

Examples of Ghetto Jumping include getting the Artifact of Lifegiver without the Gravity Suit, collecting the Plasma Beam without needing the Spider Ball and passing Fungal Hall B without the Grapple Beam.