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Techniques: HBJ/UBJ

Discovered by

Corollax, Ekarderif

The highest currently known bomb jumps in Metroid Prime are the HBJ family of jumps, comprising the HBJ and the UBJ. As with the Triple Bomb Jump, it is necessary to waste or "burn" one bomb before starting the jump, which forces the bomb counter to reset half way through the procedure. This trick enables five bombs to be used in a row.

As for the Triple Bomb Jump, both these jumps' heights may be extended by performing them against a wall to slow the descent of the morph ball, and delaying the bomb timing accordingly. Against a wall, the HBJ provides more height. Without a wall, the UBJ plus unmorph provides more height.

Here's how the HBJ is done. In simple terms, bombs two to six are laid an equal amount of time apart in a steady rhythm. Each bomb carries you upwards and you then fall a short distance onto the following bomb, which sends you up higher, giving a sort of ladder effect.

After laying all six bombs, you will fall from the bomb four explosion onto bomb five, and then fall from the bomb five explosion onto bomb six, completing the jump.

The UBJ works similarly, but bomb six is timed and placed differently, effectively giving you a mid-air DBJ. Steps one to five are the same as for the UBJ. Immediately after bomb three explodes, you need to lay bombs five and six on the way up from this explosion - the first in the middle of the bomb three jump (as for the HBJ) and the last at the peak of it. You will then fall into bomb four which will pop you up. On the way down from this you will fall into the DBJ formed by bombs five and six, completing the jump. An unmorph at the peak, as with all bomb jumps, will give you a touch of extra height.

Examples of the HBJ/UBJ include Secret Worlds: Observatory and Secret Worlds: Control Tower.