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Techniques: R-Jump

(download video)

An R-Jump is a modification of the standard L-Jump technique for achieving maximum speed and distance during a space jump.

Normally, with an L-Jump, Samus's speed is reset at the beginning of the second jump. However, if R is pressed at any point in midair, from that point on, holding L will lock your speed to its current value until L is released again. This can be used to carry over acceleration from the first jump into the second jump.

To perform an R-Jump: Hold L, jump forward, and release L before reaching the height of your jump. Then, press or hold R while turning to the side for extra acceleration. Wait until just before you are ready for your second jump, then hold L, jump, and release L immediately.

Note that once you have pressed R in midair, you will no longer be able to control Samus's direction until you land again. In cases where you need to carefully aim your jump, it is better to use a standard L-jump.

R-Jumps can also be performed during a dash to avoid slowdown during the second jump.

Examples of R-Jumping include Speed Tricks: Main Quarry to Waste Disposal, Skipping the Grapple Beam: Artifact of Spirit, and bypassing the Thermal Visor Glitch.