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Technical Demonstration: Sesshoumaru

Completed with 1% on 200XXXXX by

Sesshoumaru (sesshoumaru@metroid2002.com)

Welcome to the M2K2 1% Fusion run. I will be your host, the ever loving Sesshoumaru

If you have a copy of Visual Boy Advance 1.6a and know how to operate it, you can download the much smaller VMU files below. Otherwise, download the DivX versions.

Part 01: To Arachnus(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 02: Arachnus(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 03: To Eyeguy(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 04: Eyeguy(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 05: To Giant Plant(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 06: Giant Plant(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 07: To Serris(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 08: Serris(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 09: To BOX(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 10: BOX(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 11: To Mega-X(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 12: Mega-X(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 13: To ARC(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 14: ARC(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 15: Meltdown(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 16: To ARC II(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 17: ARC II(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 18: To Yakuza(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 19: Yakuza(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 20: To Nettori(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 21: Nettori(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 22: To Nightmare(DivX/VMU)Commentary
Part 23: Nightmare(DivX/VMU)Commentary

The music playing behind the Metroid 2002 "Station ID" that begins each segment of this Technical Demonstration is called Super Metroid Megamix by Jake Kaufman, also known as Virt. I would like to personally thank Virt for allowing me to use the last five notes of that awesome piece on my site!


Now then, the first question you might have is "What IS a 1% Fusion Run?"

Simple my boy, it's playing and beating Metroid Fusion without picking up anything you don't need. I.E. Power bomb expansions, missile expansions, energy tanks, that's about it actually.

It's 1% because there's this one missile tank that currently we can't get around.

Now, I know a fair bit about Fusion. I am "The Fusion Guy" after all. But to be quite honest, I have never run this game for extreme speed before. Nor have I ever recorded myself playing any game ever, so bear with me :P

For the first recorded run I decided to make for this site, I decided a 1% run would be good, cause I don't have to think too much (since I don't have to think about what items to get or skip, or when to get them) and it's impressive to look at someone beating thegame without any e-tanks, ain't it ;)

Now it was my intention to help with this site by adding a bit of stuff every so often, so it would look like the site is growing and people would have reason to check back toit once in a while.

However, it became vastly apparent, that if I'm to do a good-looking 1% run, it'll take a bit of time to complete. So what I am instead doing is this:

Every time I complete a pair of segments, I will put it up, along with my commentary on said segments. So you guys can watch it a little at a time. Like episodes of a show I suppose.

My commentary will be not only my random thoughts on the run, but also advice on things you might want to be aware of if you happen to try a fast 1% yourself.

My current thinking is that the segments will be like so:

Going to Boss
Fighting Boss

Now it is my impression that the boss battles are the real money of a 1% run, so if those are their own segments you can just watch those if you want. Also, saving before a boss and right after allows me to get perfect boss doors and boss fights, and that should make up for the time lost in taking those extra saves. At least that's my thinking.

I'm going to work hard to make it look good for you guys. I plan to not get hit and to also do various cool things along the way that should hopefully make each segment worth watching.

I also plan to always split my infinitives when I think no one will notice

As I've said, I've never recorded nor tried for extreme speed before so please bear with me a bit ;) I may slide on occasion. Don't hold it against me. We coo, right?

Well I suppose that's about the size of it. Feel free to leave comments in the Fusion section of our message board

Or if you prefer, you can just contact me, Sesshoumaru, directly.