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Emulation Rape: Ekarderif

Completed with 9% on 20X6 by

Ekarderif [ekarderif@gmail.com]

These videos require DivX.

Episode 01(HQ [34.0 MB]/MQ [ 9.4 MB]/LQ [4.3 MB])Commentary
Episode 02(HQ [28.6 MB]/MQ [ 8.0 MB]/LQ [3.6 MB])Commentary
Episode 03(HQ [51.4 MB]/MQ [15.2 MB]/LQ [6.7 MB])
Episode 04(HQ [38.7 MB]/MQ [11.4 MB]/LQ [5.1 MB])
Episode 05(HQ [28.2 MB]/MQ [ 7.7 MB]/LQ [3.3 MB])
Episode 06(HQ [37.2 MB]/MQ [10.1 MB]/LQ [4.4 MB])
Episode 07(HQ [40.1 MB]/MQ [11.2 MB]/LQ [4.4 MB])

Note: this run uses emulator states.

Welcome to the mystical 9% hard run here on Metroid 2002.

As you should already know, a 9% run consists of grabbing exactly 9 items. They are (in no particular order, except that it is since I'm listing them in my own certain order): morph ball, missiles, bombs, varia suit, gravity suit, power grip, ice beam, plasma beam, and space jump. Technically the varia suit is skippable, but it adds a percent regardless.

The American/Japanese versions cannot be beaten under 9% conditions. However, some guy found that there is no such restrictions on the European version. But alas, no 9% run is to be found.

In addition, the site slowly decays from the lack of updates, and Sesshoumaru died from a plethora of things: lack of interest, criticisms, cancer, etc.

Therefore, I've decided to undergo an emulation rape of the 9%: to resurrect all three birds with one stone. It's a magical stone; don't argue with me.

I'm not sure I may live up to the hype that is 1%, but I'll give it a whirl and hope you enjoy it. As with all technical demonstrations, I'll be making this look good with techniques including, but not exclusive to, running fast and not getting hit and shooting a lot.

I've decided to translate the run into a quasi-TV show. Instead of Sess's "I'll release it when I'm done" philosophy, I've backlogged many segments for your (in)convenience. That is, each new episode you'll see was completed quite awhile ago.

I will also see to it that a new episode is released biweekly. If Nate decides to turn all FOX on me and stops updating, I'll just host it off my own server.

Why are you still reading? I'm sure the run is more interesting than my random comments.

If you have any questions, direct them to the topic on the Zero Mission forum, or I guess you can e-mail me at ekarderif@gmail.com. Don't be a stranger!