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Emulation Rape: Ekarderif

Episode 2

This segment almost killed my urge to continue. In fact, it stayed in limbo for almost five months. But of course, you probably don't want to hear the history so onward!

H: Dun dun dun dun dun... dun! Okay that was cheesy. I promise never to do it again.

F: Kill the geemer for the drop. Kill the door for the go.

I: Argh, wasps. These guys suck. Good thing they're no bother here.

J: Hey, this room isn't as boring as E.

K: Sigh, this is the epitome of poor design. Two extremely random (and continuous) spawns with extremely random movements yields something awful. I somehow managed to kill these critters... after about five months... Don't try this at home if you value your sanity.

Now that I look back, these hive battles look pretty cool: jumping between wasps and luring them away. It's all great fun, really!

L: There's a missile tank hidden under them floors. Too bad I don't care.

M: A few shots and I jump clean from everything. As everybody knows, landing is bad so I like to cut landings to a bare minimum. The jump over the energy tank is actually more difficult than landing on the other side, but it looks a lot better right? (The answer is yes.) A few more rapid shots and I jump away cleanly.

N: Whoops, I miss a wall jump here. It's actually faster so I'm not complaining.

O: Another refill from another geemer. Or is it a zoomer this time? I actually don't care about the technicalities so it's a geemer. No, zoomer. No, geemer. Yeah, geemer.

P: Some ominous chirping to darken the mood.

Q: Wow, that Q is humongous. Looks like it's about to break out of the room and devour something. Silly font. Anyways, the bombs are something incredibly beautiful I can't describe, but somehow I just described it. We'll be applying them to good use soon.

P: Not good use yet. Must kill these critters quickly. Not the easiest thing to do while under a no damage situation, but I seemed to do it decently. Actually, I didn't anticipate it so quickly so I laid a few useless bombs at the end.

O: The zoomer, I mean, geemer under me is often in the way so I spin jump a little to avoid him.

R: 2:33 on the clock. Hooray!