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Emulation Rape: Ekarderif

Episode 1

Unlike Lucas, episode one means the first episode, both chronologically and releasely. Unless I make an episode zero or something. Oh wait...

Thankfully, the text in this game is few and far. I get to concentrate on what I do, and what I do is — well I can't lie — extremely pretty. After the fairly cheesy introduction, I finally have full control over Samus's entire body. Well, the important parts anyways. Or maybe not.

A: This is only the third time we encounter this area so I think it's a little self explanatory on what to do in the beginning. Therefore I won't bore you with the details on what to do, but instead I will bore you with the explanation on how I'm not going to bore you with the detail. Anyways, I do a little jump at the end because I can.

B: Or because I would rather jump over instead of the old (and boring) way of rolling under. First new technique of the run, yay!

C: I really don't need the Chozos telling me where the next item I'm not getting is.

D: This room is evil: there are five separate wall jumping sequences and four of them suck. The bottom one is fairly straightforward, except that the slightest goof positions the ripper in a bad location. You don't want to mess up. Originally I didn't have the second one in, but the geemer was always in the way. So I looked to the right and saw an impossible wall jump that I wanted to try. And succeeded I did. Not easy by any means, but it gets the job done.

The next one requires good positioning, but it's leaps and bounds better than the previous one. Occasionally I hit my head, but luck is on my side this time. The remaining wall jumps are straightforward so I won't elaborate. Shooting the false blocks and we're out of the hardest room!

E: Um, yeah... Monkeys!

F: Another shaft, but this time we're dropping. A geemer on the right is constantly in my way so I drop through the middle instead. Plus, squeezing through two geemers while spinning is more exciting right?

G: Yay, my first (and only) missile pack. This thing will serve me until the end of my days. Actually, how did I conjure up ten extra missiles on my way to Orpheon anyways? A little stall and Mr. Flyingthing gives me a much needed missile refill in the middle of the first mini-boss battle: Charge Beamst.

Charge Beamst is fairly easy. By fairly I mean a total and by easy I mean pushover. I morph after the first shot because it seems he doesn't spray his lint as often. It could be just superstition. As his eye really doesn't exist, I simply raise into it and blast as soon as it's vulnerable.

F: Going up this time. Another refill from the geemer: the nice geemer who until this attempt was the evil geemer.

H: First save! 1:22 hmm. I hope that's good.