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Total Secret Worlds: 124

A Secret World is the area that you see when you exit a room's intended boundaries. This name was first from the original Metroid, and has been reused in Metroid II Return of Samus, Metroid Prime, and now, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The areas are usually glitchy, and can cause your game to lock up, thus having to reset. But, Secret Worlds have helped us. In Metroid 2, they serve as shortcuts at times. In Prime, they served as a different way to understand the game, and even helped Sequence Breaking. Who knows what they will provide us with next!

If you're having trouble with Secret Worlds, try the Secret World FAQ.

NTSC/PAL Release Secret Worlds

  1. Main Energy Controller SW - Phazon Siphon
  2. Polluted Mire - Doctor Omega (SA)
  3. Torvus Grove - Doctor Omega (SA), doninss (FJ)
  4. Poisoned Bog - Doctor Omega (SA), doninss (FJ)
  5. Transport A Access - TrueDiehardGamer (SA)
  6. Save Station A - BoostR (SA)
  7. Temple Access - Darth Nat (SA)
  8. Dark Torvus Temple Access - Darth Nat (SA)
  9. Service Access - TrueDiehardGamer (SA), Ichabod_Clay (SA method 2)
  10. Shrine Access - Dazuro (SA)
  11. Sanctuary Temple - TrueDiehardGamer (SA)
  12. Hive Energy Controller - TrueDiehardGamer (SA)
  13. Torvus Temple - BoostR & MMcLean54 (SA)
  14. Culling Chamber - LeCoureur103 (SA)
  15. Hall of Combat Mastery - LeCoureur103 (SA)
  16. Hive Chamber C - The Pizza Boy (SA)
  17. Hall of Honored Dead - The Pizza Boy (SA)
  18. Collapsed Tunnel - TrueDiehardGamer (SA)
  19. Hive Chamber B - The Pizza Boy (SA)
  20. Meeting Grounds - Arrow (SA), Master ZED (SA), Paraxade
  21. Ventilation Area A - TrueDiehardGamer (SA)
  22. Dynamo Works - TrueDiehardGamer (SA), Master ZED (SA method 2)
  23. Sanctuary Energy Controller - TrueDiehardGamer (SA)
  24. Mining Plaza - elementboarder05 (SA), True Diehard Gamer (Wormhole)
  25. Central Mining Station - The Pizza Boy & PirateMetroid (SA)
  26. Plaza Access - TrueDiehardGamer (SA), doninss (FJ)
  27. Portal Chamber (Dark Aether) - TrueDiehardGamer (SA)
  28. mining station b - nate (wormhole), doninss (SA)
  29. Great Bridge - elementboarder05 (SA)
  30. Abandoned Worksite - elementboarder05 (SA)
  31. Dark Arena Tunnel - Arrow (SA), doninss (FJ)
  32. Dark Torvus Arena - Arrow (SA)
  33. GFMC Compound - Phazon Eater (SA)
  34. Windchamber Tunnel - Midget (SA)
  35. Agon Map Station - SkippyJr (SA)
  36. Judgement Drop SW - TrueDiehardGamer
  37. Feeding Pit - Coco-kun, tjp7154 (SA)
  38. Mini Gyro Station - The Pizza Boy, doninss (MBI), Master ZED (Quad MB)
  39. Temple Assembly Site - Ichabod_Clay (SA), bartendorsparky, Flamancipator
  40. Hive Dynamo Access - bartendorsparky, Master ZED (Morph)
  41. Abandoned Base - The Pizza Boy
  42. Sky Temple Gateway - DARK HUNTER COMMANDO (SA), doninss
  43. Phazon Grounds - PhazonPhoenix (SA)
  44. Main Reactor - meDroid64
  45. Transit Station (Agon Wastes) - Master ZED (SA)
  46. Dark Transit Station - Master ZED (SA)
  47. Brooding Ground - Master ZED (SA)
  48. Reactor Core - Doctor Omega) (SA) (unconfirmed)
  49. Temple Transport A - The Pizza Boy, doninss
  50. Temple Transport B - The Pizza Boy, doninss
  51. Temple Transport C - The Pizza Boy, doninss
  52. Torvus Lagoon - Ichabod_Clay (SA), doninss (FJ)
  53. Putrid Alcove - Master ZED
  54. Venomous Pond - Master ZED (SA)
  55. Path of Eyes - Ichabod_Clay (SA)
  56. Main Gyro Chamber - Ichabod_Clay (SA), Master ZED (Morph)
  57. Hive Dynamo Works - Flamancipator (SA), Master ZED (SA), doninss
  58. Portal Chamber (Light Aether) - bartendorsparky
  59. Dark Forgotten Bridge - bartendorsparky (SA), doninss (Float)
  60. Forgotten Bridge - bartendorsparky (SA), doninss (Float)
  61. Transport B Access - Metronome'd (SA)
  62. Portal Site - Metronome'd (SA)
  63. Portal Terminal - Metronome'd (SA)
  64. Sacred Bridge - Ichabod_Clay (SA)
  65. Sentinel's Path - bartendorsparky
  66. Transport to Temple Grounds (Sanctuary Fortress) - Master ZED
  67. Main Research - Master ZED (SA)
  68. Transit Station (Sanctuary Fortress) - Master ZED (SA), Master ZED (SA)
  69. Staging Area - Master ZED (SA)
  70. Grand Abyss - Master ZED (SA)
  71. Ing Cache 4 - Master ZED (SA)
  72. Sand Processing - Master ZED (SA)
  73. Ventilation Area B - Master ZED (SA)
  74. Bitter Well - Master ZED (SA)
  75. Hive Portal Chamber - Metronome'd (SA), Master ZED
  76. Dark Torvus Temple - MMcLean54 (SA)
  77. Hall of Stairs - Master ZED (SA)
  78. Undertransit Two - Master ZED (SA)
  79. Undertransit One - Master ZED (SA)
  80. Transit Tunnel East - Master ZED (SA)
  81. Transit Tunnel West - Master ZED (SA)
  82. Transit Tunnel South - Metronome'd (SA)
  83. Bionenergy Production - Metronome'd (SA)
  84. Agon Temple - Metronome'd (SA, pseudo SW), doninss (SA)
  85. Crossfire Chaos - Master ZED (Multiplayer SW)
  86. Underground Tunnel - Metronome'd (SA)
  87. Sacred Path - Metronome'd (SA)
  88. Profane Path - Metronome'd (SA)
  89. Mine Shaft - Master ZED (SA)
  90. Command Center Access - Metronome'd (SA)
  91. Central Area Transport West - Metronome'd (SA)
  92. Workers Path - Master ZED (SA)
  93. Watch Station - Master ZED (SA), doninss
  94. Biostorage Station - Master ZED
  95. Dark Controller Access - Master ZED (FJ), SkippyJr (exit)
  96. Controller Access - Master ZED (FJ), SkippyJr (exit)
  97. Dark Falls - Master ZED (FJ)
  98. Grove Access - Master ZED (FJ)
  99. Ruined Alcove - Master ZED (FJ)
  100. Storage Cavern A - doninss (SA)
  101. Ing Reliquary - Master ZED (SA)
  102. Windchamber Gateway - doninss
  103. Meditation Vista - doninss (FJ)
  104. Gloom Vista - doninss (FJ)
  105. Temple Transport Access - doninss (FJ)
  106. Gateway Access - doninss (SA)
  107. Trial Grounds - doninss (SA)
  108. Battleground - Samus Rox (unconfirmed) (SA)
  109. Path of Roots - doninss (FJ)
  110. Transport to Agon Wastes - doninss (FJ), XtraX
  111. Sanctuary Entrance - doninss (SA), MilesSMB
  112. Hive Entrance - doninss
  113. Watering Hole - doninss (SA)
  114. Dark Agon Temple - doninss (SA)
  115. Sandcanyon - doninss
  116. Dynamo Access - Master ZED (Morph), OnceForgotten
  117. Transport C Access - Master ZED (Morph)
  118. Catacombs - Master ZED (Morph)
  119. Hive Gyro Chamber - Master ZED (Morph)
  120. Save Station B - doninss (Morph)
  121. Save Station 2 - doninss (Morph)
  122. Torvus Transport Access - DJGrenola
  123. Plain Of Dark Worship - doninss (SA)
  124. Accursed Lake - doninss (SA)
  125. Hive Access Tunnel - M2K2 community (IS), E-Dragon

Labeling notes (Master ZED, from the forums SW list) :

SA - Screw Attack boundary glitch. SA is bugged in that Samus becomes Morph Ball-sized when this is in use, and is forcibly unmorphed afterward regardless if there's a ceiling overhead. This allows you to break out of almost any morph ball tunnel and quite a few small nooks, given you can get in deep enough that the game won't warp you back out but instead instantly go back into first person view. Worlds that require Screw Attack, but do not use the glitch, don't receive this label.

FJ - Floaty Jump. Acquired by freeing Chykka's cocoon when standing in dark water and taking damage from the liquid, this massive jump can also be used to exit rooms, some of which have no other means of escape.

Morph - All these worlds require is that you morph at the right spot next to a door ring while the map is on the wrong room. These spots are usually found in front of where the door ring comes out of the ground (like this: \_ ).

Quad MB - OnceForgotten's unlabeled SW116 alt was the origin of this "method." All it requires is that you lean up against a hollow door ring (the same rings that can be found in Morph SW rooms) and let a Quad MB kick or shove you through. It's a random and untrustworthy method.

MBI - Morph Ball Invulnerability, a bug with its roots in the Infinite Speed (IS) glitch.

Float - forcing Samus into certain corners will result in a very slow ascension.

Multiplayer SW - Stages in multi-player that have secret world entrances. Crossfire Chaos is the only stage with a world so far, and may very well be the only one.

Pseudo SW - Agon Temple was added even though this "secret world" didn't really lead anywhere. It just trapped you in a box that shouldn't exist. doninss' method is an actual entrance and was discovered much later, but no one wanted to eliminate Metronome'd's contribution or reorder the list in what the proper numerical order would be as a result.

unconfirmed - Entrance has not been confirmed to work. Confirmation requires that either you make a movie of the entry process or that someone else post saying they have followed your instructions successfully. As of now, only Reactor Core and Battleground are unconfirmed, the former of which has been that way for over a year despite many attempts from many of the most skilled players on this forum to replicate the feat.

Note: A "canceled screw attack" is described on the Hive Dynamo Works SW page.

Dark Echoes Unique Secret Worlds

None yet.

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