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Secret World 116

Discovered by: Master ZED

Main Items Required:None

Description: Simplest SW method in the game, just morph in the right spot. Ease into Dynamo Access from Dynamo Works. (Ease around the right side of the door frame just into the room.) Move along the wall to the corner (hug the wall). Your map should show you still in Dyno Works. (The map must be in the wrong room for this to work.) Back-up toward the door a bit (see video, use the cross-hair as a reference) and morph.

The right spot is extremely small. It may take a try or two to find it. Unmorphing immediately and L-lock strafing away from the room and into the aether can avoid much of the fall.

Video: SW 116 entrance (Outside link, DivX encoded avi)

Alternate Method

Discovered by: OnceForgotten

Main Items Required: None

Description: One of the more esoteric secret worlds, a cross between a wormhole secret world (Mining Plaza SW) and a morph secret world (above). (Or a variation of a morph secret world if you prefer.) As with a wormhole, the method depends on an enemy attacking in just the right way while you are in just the right spot.

Video: SW 116 entrance (Outside link) Video Credit: Master ZED

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