Torvus Bog: Great Bridge

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Discovered by: bartendorsparky

This trick lets you go directly from Great Bridge to Torvus Temple, without going through most of upper Torvus.

First, line up next to the translator door, facing the way you came in. There is a slight bump in the floor that you have to ghetto off of. Run forward, and ghetto off the bump into the slant on the wall, then back onto the door.

From here, perform a dash (using the translator door as a scan) over to the bridge.

Video: Climbing Great Bridge

Added by DJ Grenola

This move is also possible by using an R-Dash rather than a freeze-dash / "Kip Dash":

DivX video (DJ Grenola) - dash without screen freeze

Added By: Baby Sheegoth

If you get pushed over onto the side closer when doing this trick, to get out: Face the Translator Door jump "Hugging" the Translator Door to the left then jump to the top and execute the trick.

Added by: doninss

You can also get onto the bridge by using a single bomb BSJ to get to the ledge with the scan pole. (Scan the pole, use the cannon.) - Video - BSJ method

Another alternative from the scan pole ledge: Jump onto the pole, then freeze-dash / "Kip Dash" (or R-Dash?) over onto the bridge. (Discovered by: BoostR)