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Discovered by: LOLaFOL

The ultimate fusion of bomb and jump techniques, the BSJ allows you to effectively gain an extra jump's worth of height. To perform a BSJ:

1) Do a Morphed Bomb Jump

2) When you unmorph in mid air after the bomb jump it must be an "instant unmorph" which immediately puts you into first person instead of zooming in from 3rd person view.

3) If you get an instant unmorph, then you can immediately perform any jump technique as if you were standing on the ground.

The end result is you get about an extra jump's worth of height before you even start jumping. Making a space jump 3 jumps high, a screw attack jump 4 jumps high, etc.

A video of Sparky using the BSJ to bypass the ing hive key gate

-- Note by tjp7154:

The instant unmorph can be reliably produced (at least for me) with the following steps:

1) Walk backwards into any wall or object that's reasonably high and that's mostly vertical. The wall should be roughly high enough so that you can't space jump onto it. If the wall is slanted or has a lot of bumps, the trick might not work. Make sure your back is up against the wall/object OR close to it.

2) Tap forward and X at the same time. Samus will unmorph, but instead of the camera moving to the left or right as it normally does when you're up against a wall/object, it will remain above and close behind you. This is essential to do the trick.

3) Do a Morphed Bomb Jump, but jump backwards toward the camera, so that the morph ball is centered on the screen.

4) At the peak of the jump, unmorph and you should get an instant unmorph.