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An increasingly useful trick invented to cross Watch Station Access without Grapple Beam, but seeming to have other uses as well.

Kip's own words about the WSA scan dash below:

Revised explanation of how I do the WSA scan dash (remember to start with the door fully scanned):

1) all at the same time, hold L, tap B, and slam the stick left (the stick motion must be very quick/forceful). This part is exactly like a Prime dash, except you're holding L instead of tapping it.

2) as soon as you get the stick to left, move it as far down to straight down as you can get before the freeze occurs (do not keep it held at left). It should pretty much be one continuous motion; all this needs to be fast.

3) once the screen freezes, you have to add a few things... feel free to take your time here, I don't think it matters. Hold R now, and move the stick from straight down very slightly toward down-right (thanks sparky).

4) when ready, let go of L only to immediately hold it again (when you do this, do not hold it in all the way that you would scan the door again if it's still in view... only hold it enough that the crosshair appears). Do it as fast as you can.

5) about a second after the screen unfreezes, tap B again to use your second jump. At this point, don't do anything; just wait to see where you end up after falling (don't move the stick, don't let go of L or R).

DivX video (kip)
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