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It is possible to perform a jump providing more horizontal distance than a straightforward space jump by scanning an object and holding R. You need to start with the object unscanned and scan it during the jump, so unlike the "Kip Dash", there is no screen freeze. It is also possible to do this trick off scannable objects that are beyond your scanning range. The jump goes something like this:

  • Face the object you wish to use for the scan; unlike the dash jumps in the original Prime, how far away from the scan point you are doesn't seem to have an effect on the distance you travel, so you can R-dash off objects that are right under your nose. In this example, the place you are trying to reach is assumed to be to your left; obviously to dash to your right, just reverse everything.
  • Hold L to begin the scan.
  • As soon as the scan starts, push the stick left to strafe in the direction of your target and tap B for the dash.
  • Shortly after you tap B for the dash (basically straight away), press and hold R all the way down.
  • At an appropriate point, tap B again for the space jump. Continue to hold L and R and the stick left.
  • You may wish to change the position of the control stick during the second jump depending on how close to the scannable object you started. If the object was right under your nose at the start of the dash (as in the Torvus Bog: Great Bridge speed trick), you will probably now have your back facing towards the target platform, so you can get extra distance by rotating the stick to the down position for the second jump. If the scannable object was far away (as in the Dark Torvus Bog: Undertemple Shaft speed trick), you should probably keep holding the stick left all the way through the jump.

Videos of this move may be seen on the pages for the above two speed tricks.