Main Research Elevator Crash

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encountered by bartendorsparky

If you use the "Kip_Dash" to get through Watch Station Access early and proceed to Main Research the game might crash. However, this crash does not always occur and there is yet no explantation to it.

Flamancipator's edit:

This happened to me while I was messing around in a low % file. I've tried it a few times, and it acts just like some secret worlds do; they freeze up the game when you fire three or more consecutive shots rapidly into them. I'm guessing this has to do with the fact that I should not be in that room with only:

-Missiles -Violet Translator -Bombs -Amber Translator -Space Jump -Dark Beam -Light Beam -Dark Suit -Super Missile -Boost Ball -Seekers -Gravity Boost -Dark Visor

But then again, we've done LOTS before where we've been in a room with stuff we shouldn't have. It must have to do with the state of the room when you enter it for the first time, and how the game is programmed to do a certain thing or load something a certain way. Entering from Watch Station, however, just goes against what it was trying to do so it shuts itself down. I'm no expert, so leave the conjectures to yourself. I show the whole segment just so you know I haven't been mucking around before activating the glitch.