Early Screw Attack

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Discovered by: Kip

1) Go to "Watch Station Access" in Sanctuary at any time.

2) Perform a "Kip Dash" to cross the gap and spawn on the opposite ledge.

2a) Perform a roll jump or Strawberry Surprise to cross the gap and spawn on the opposite ledge. (See the Echoes main pages for a description of the roll jump.)

Note: The exact distance Samus must physically cross to terminal fall onto the opposite ledge is anywhere beyond the grapple point on the opposite ledge(this holds true if going back the opposite way). This works out to having to cross roughly 3/4 of the distance across the pit. The time at which the game records how far you made it, is when the little tiny white crosshairs disappear on the screen, not when the white flash happens(the crosshairs disappear slightly less than a second before the white flash of the TF)

Second Note:You can pinpoint Samus's *exact* location on the map by looking at the green arrow. Samus is physically in the very center of the arrow. IE if you drew a line from the tip of the arrow to the flat of the tail, she would be in the exact middle of that line.

3) You can now proceed to Watch Station and the Screw Attack.

Note: If you do this before Spiderball, you must use a technique discovered by Sparky to bypass Watch Station. You can stand on a Rezbit when their shields are active. Use this to jump up to the spider ball track. One the very left of the lower track, you can stand on the lower portion. Then jump to the higher track to the right, and face the room with your back to the wall. Jump backwards towards the morph ball slot and MAM(mid-air morph) into the slot. If you get spiderball before screw attack, simply proceed as normal once you enter watch station. (You can also face the bomb slot and jump forwards, then MAM)

There is also an alternative but slower way of doing this which does not utilise a rezbit jump, discovered by Flamancipator:

DivX video (DJ Grenola)

This is necessary for the skip of the cobalt translator using secret worlds, as in this case screw attack is needed to reach the spider guardian.