Strawberry Surprise

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Discovered by: Red Scarlet

Main Items required: Boost Ball

Description: Boost off an edge, unmorphing when the top of the morphball is about even with the ledge (height). Immediately L-lock space jump to finish the move. Original post in the forums.

Notes: The X then B (relative) timing is very similar to a roll jump or BSJ (quick). The timing of the morph is harder than a roll jump due to the ambiguity of the visual cues.

The extra distance seems to stem solely from initiating a space jump farther from the edge than with a roll jump, as SS will cross the gap at Watch Station Access, but a roll jump sans L+R boost will not. (No noticable speed increase is evident in the SS space jump.) L+R boost can be used to increase the distance attained by SS. (Just hold R from the beginning.) The resulting distance seems equal to a roll jump however. Technically, it should be just a bit farther.

Video: Strawberry Surprise (Outside link, AVC (h.264) encoded mp4)

Video: Strawberry Surprise with R boost (Outside link, AVC (h.264) encoded mp4)

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