Alpha Blogg Escape

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Discovered by: Several people

The LOL Jump can be applied in a very difficult manner (harder, I think, than ghetto'ing in Industrial Site, but oh well) to actually skip the Alpha Blogg fight altogether, saving at the very least a minute or so. To do it, solve the puzzles like normal and go get the Gravity Boost, then go and enter the fight. After that, do these things:

Lock on and stay behind or to the side of the Blogg, if you can. You want to be in a position where he can't easily turn and fire sonic blasts, or charge. Press Z to locate the exit door, or look around for the ledge high on the wall. You want to LOL Jump off the Alpha Blogg when it's to the side of this ledge; do it while it's swimming under the ledge, and chances are you won't be able to recover in time to not bonk your head. This is where it gets very tricky. Doing this jump off of stationary objects is easy, but the Alpha Blogg is a fairly quick creature, and you have to time it exactly right. If your Visor doesn't tilt down like you're moving over the boss, your jump won't carry you high enough to pull this off. If you successfully can manage this jump, use your added boost (try to time it yourself; when you start to settle back down, quickly punch B to activate your hover), and float up to the ledge. From there, float to the next highest ledge and exit. Now continue on like normal. Skipping Alpha Blogg has no adverse effects on the game (it did lock up once for me inside Sanctuary Fortress, but I don't think this was a result of the skip), as I completed a full 100% game with the boss skip.