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Discovered by: Matt

DivX video (DJ Grenola), speed trick in Feeding Pit

    The Lock On Ladder Jump (LOL) (named by Matt, Tim, Ekarderif, and anyone else present at the time) can be used to achieve a seeming boost in height when locked on to an object. It can be most notably used in the room before the Light Beam (Feeding Pit). Space Jump across the dark water and lower the platform with the Dark Beam, then lock onto the crystal. Stand at the edge (where you would normally do a Ghetto Jump), and Space Jump directly at the crystal. Your jump should carry you towards the crystal while forcing your view down to stay locked on. The result is a small boost in height that seems to occur as your visor is shifting from its locked-on position back to its normal position. You can also get this boost by performing this lock jump off of any enemy that jumps, such as Space Pirates (tends to work the best in Hall of Eyes by using the Dark ones), or Grenchlers. Do it as a Grenchler is jumping, and you sail extremely high into the air. Or for even more fun, check out the Alpha Blogg page!