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In Venomous Pond, there is a Dark Temple Key that you 'need' Grapple Beam to get... Bzzt. Wrong!

Near the Save Station there are 3 Ingsphere Caches. You will need to practice L-Lock Jumping before doin' this simple trick succesfully.

After looking as far down as you can, hop onto the Biggest cache, and just jump to the key. Hooray! I haven't got far enough into the game to see where else you might not need grapple (I'm running through it a third time, on hard, and just found this trick) so anyone's help will be appreciated in eliminating Grapple Beam.

- Added by Prime Hunter -

You currently need the Grapple Beam to get the Screw Attack. (When you use the portal to get to the other side of the area, there are four grapple points between the portals.)