Overly-Aggressive Bloggs

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Encountered by Tim

I was toying around in the Catacombs area (room off of Hydrodynamo) with the Bloggs underwater, and encountered a few unusual things, which I'm really at a loss to explain. I got both Bloggs to charge at me at the same time, and being the un1337 person I am, I chose only to try and kill one of them, which I succeeded in doing. Then I hear the Blogg's "raarrr!" sound behind me, but I don't get eaten...

Turning around, I see the remaining Blogg staring me right in the face, mouth wide open... stuck by one of the upraised ring-structures on the ground. This was amazingly funny, and I was going to make the vid when curiousity got the better of me. I tried circling it, maybe doing a LOL Jump off of it, and it broke free and tried eating me. Meh. Couldn't reproduce it, but I believe it has something to do with the mechanics of getting jammed in a wall, like the Bloggs/Alpha Blogg usually do. I think that the barrier in front of it just kept it from actually completing its attack, so it was "stuck".

So, I went one room over and came back to reproduce it. Both Bloggs reappeared, but they were more intelligent now, not really wanting to simulttack me. Punks. So I alternated between the two, angering and provoking them, having a bit of fun when what to my wondering eyes did appear, but... never mind that attempted rhyme... Anyway, I heard both roar as if they were coming in for the kill, and ... one was. I braced myself for the hit that I was sure helped cause the getting stuck thing, when the other Blogg zoomed across the room and rammed the Blogg that was attacking me! LOL! Both of them died, too, it was pretty amusing. This one, I think, was a result of the same mechanics that prevent some enemies from entering rooms, or like that weird thing where Nate got Fission 'Troids to merge. Or maybe it's just Blogg Eat Blogg. >_>