Jump Guardian

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Boss Tricks: Jump Guardian

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  • When you enter the Jump Guardian's room (Judgement Pit), don't enter the light sphere in the center of the room. Instead, go around to the far side and dbj up next to the 2 bladepods. Jump to the light beacon off to the right of the door, then aim up toward the Super Missile door across the room.
  • Aim at the area in front of the Luminoth statue's face, and begin shooting it like mad. Your shots will be stopped in mid-air by none other than the Jump Guardian. Every shot that hits his invisible form is doing him damage, so feel free to pump him full of charge shots/missiles.
  • While it's not possible to actually kill him before fighting him, it's possible to bring his health meter all the way down, so you can kill him with one shot from the Power Beam.
  • This works because the way the battle is programmed, when you enter the center sphere of light the Jump Guardian comes from right where you're shooting. He's apparently just hanging out up there, invisible until someone comes in.
  • To make it easier on yourself, center the light beacon right in front of yourself so that every power beam shot hits and energizes it.