Current Obstacles to Skipping Items

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Last Updated 06/26/06

Unskippable Items

Light/Dark Beams, PBs, Missiles, Bombs, Light Suit

All needed in multiple locations. Chance of skipping these is likely 0.

Screw Attack

Needed in Ing Hive Temple (a non-SA-SW in the Ing Hive Energy controller room would solve this)
Needed to reach Emperor Ing

Seeker Missiles

One sky Temple key prevents this skip. A SW in the Dark Plain of Worship would solve this.

Boost Ball

Needed for getting Seeker Missiles
Needed for beating the Spider Guardian
Needed for getting Screw Attack


Needed for Emperor Ing II

Amber Translator

Needed to escape Agon Temple after aquiring Bombs. Only a Secret World in the accessable rooms which requires Bombs would allow skipping of this item.

Violet Translator

Required for entering/leaving Agon

Items which can be skipped, but not for low %

Space Jump

This may not be unskippable, but skipping it seems unlikely.

Dark Suit

The Dark Suit is required to skip the Annihilator beam.

Dark Suit and Annihilator

Though it has yet to be proven, it might be possible to skip Dark Suit instead of Annihilator using MBI.
Boost Guardian can be beaten using an early Power Bomb, so this would require skipping the Super Missile.
Quadraxis has yet to be tested.

Gravity Boost, early Power Bomb and Super Missiles

It is possible to skip Gravity Boost; Power Bombs are not required to do so.
It is possible to get a Power Bomb expansion quite early.
It seems possible to skip the Super Missiles, but has not yet been done.
Skipping the Super Missiles requires an early Power Bomb to get the Lower Torvus key.
It is necessary to get the main Power Bomb to have the Sky Temple key in Dark Oasis spawn, making it impossible to get a lower percentage this way.
It is possible to get the Main Power Bomb early, but only after killing Chykka.


Skippable Items are:
  • Grapple Beam
  • Space Jump
  • Annihilator beam
  • Gravity boost
  • Dark Suit
  • Super Missiles
  • Echo Visor
  • Cobalt Translator
  • Emerald Translator
Amorbis, and therefore the Dark Agon keys, can be skipped when skipping the Dark Suit.
Returning the energy to Agon and Torvus can be skipped (but not Sanctuary; that triggers the Light Suit).
The keys for the Ing Hive can be skipped by getting over the Ing Hive key gate blocking you from Quadraxis. (see Skipping the Ing Hive Keys)
The Caretaker Drone can be skipped by getting the Screw Attack early.