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Chykka Larva

By Sparky

1) Break the coccoon, and get Floaty Jump.

2) Scan it at the beginning.

3) Immediately after scanning, missile the dark spinners, and charge the light beam.

4) Track chykka until he goes under water, then prepare to fire the charge when he rises. You should hit with all 5 parts of the beam if you are close enough.

5) Then charge power and super missile when he jumps in the air.

6) Charge power again and search for chykka. He should rise a little at some point, so shoot him with the charge then switch to light and wait for him to go under and then up again.

7) Shoot him with light now only this time, however, he tongues. While he is reeling you in, blast his face off. It's fastest to hit him with two charge lights, plus a few normal lights to stun him, and then super him. He's also vulnerable while he's going under so fire away.

8) Repeat that second part for the next two phases. he jumps the third time, and tongues the fourth.

This really doesnt save too much time; but, it is easy anyway, so why not use it. The time it saves comes from the third phase. If done normally, Chykka Larva would jump twice, but you would have a four round battle anyway. This time it only jumps once. If you have it tongue you twice, it could be a three round battle...

VERY IMPORTANT: Stay near the water (and Chykka) to have Chykka tongue you more!

Chykka Adult

  • On the Chykka Adult's light form, jump out into the water and fire normal dark shots at point-blank. It only takes 3-4 to stun it. Discovered by Red Scarlet
  • Once the adult is stunned, seeker missile its back. It takes two missiles to break each target - that's two rounds you have to stun him, instead of the normal 4.
  • On dark chykka, simply nail it's eggsac with charged light shots. If need be, shoot the Chykklings with the dark beam to get light ammo.


SAL:this is pointless but if you come back to the dark temple later chykka will just be lying there on the floor dead just shoot him or something for fun lol.