Floaty Jump

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Discovered By: Kip

Floaty Jump is the result of a strange glitch Kip uncovered during a fight with Chykka Larva.

Floaty Jump gives all your jump techniques a super "floaty" effect to them. It is almost like having an in game AR moonjump. You can jump for incredibly long or high distances.

To give yourself "Floaty Jump" do the following:

  1. When going to fight Chykka Larva in Dark Torvus Bog, before you free it's coccoon from the wall, stand in the dark water.
  2. If you are standing in the dark water when you break the final strand holding the coccoon to the wall, you will be granted Floaty Jump.

There is a catch however: Floaty Jump will no longer work if you touch regular water, dark water, or take an elevator to other areas.

So, it's usefulness is limited at the moment since you are restricted to Torvus and Dark Torvus Bog post Chykka, and you can not touch any water.

It is summised at this point that the floaty jump is granted by triggering a cutscene that moves you when standing in dark water. Something about the repellent effect of dark water before you get the light suit gives you this super jump if you are moved by a scripted cutscene out of dark water. But, so far no other cutscenes, other than the one with Chykka Larva, have been found where you are able to stand in dark water before a cutscene plays. So the assumption of "how" this trick works is thin at best.

To see an example of floaty jump in action, refer to "Where's Chykka?" which demonstrates how you can make Chykka disappear by using floaty to leave the room during the boss fight.